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46 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Aircraft Stories: Decentering the Object in Technoscience 2002
Automation and Utopia: Human Flourishing in a World without Work 2019
Becoming a Spacewalker: My Journey to the Stars 2014
Becoming Beside Ourselves: The Alphabet, Ghosts, and Distributed Human Being 2008
Beyond Broadband Access: Developing Data-Based Information Policy Strategies 2013
BITS of Belonging: Information Technology, Water, and Neoliberal Governance in India 2015
Buy It Now: Lessons from eBay 2012
Click and Kin: Transnational Identity and Quick Media 2016
Cultures in Orbit: Satellites and the Televisual 2005
Dangerous Science: Science Policy and Risk Analysis for Scientists and Engineers OPEN ACCESS 2020
Designing Culture: The Technological Imagination at Work 2011
Deus in Machina: Religion, Technology, and the Things in Between 2013
Digitize and Punish: Racial Criminalization in the Digital Age 2020
Dot-Com Design: The Rise of a Usable, Social, Commercial Web 2018
Engineering Ethics: Contemporary and Enduring Debates 2020
Establishing an occupational health & safety management system based on ISO 45001 2019
The Ethnography of Rhythm: Orality and Its Technologies 2016
Everyday Movies: Portable Film Projectors and the Transformation of American Culture 2021
From Russia with Code: Programming Migrations in Post-Soviet Times 2019
Hacking Diversity: The Politics of Inclusion in Open Technology Cultures 2020
Hombre y técnica en Heidegger.: Una reflexión en torno a la transformación de lo humano mediante su relación con la técnica 2019
Hot Molecules, Cold Electrons: From the Mathematics of Heat to the Development of the Trans-Atlantic Telegraph Cable 2020
How to Do Things with Sensors OPEN ACCESS 2019
Information Activism: A Queer History of Lesbian Media Technologies 2020
Information Please: Culture and Politics in the Age of Digital Machines 2006
Internet Daemons: Digital Communications Possessed OPEN ACCESS 2018
Los contratos de transferencia internacional de tecnología. América Latina, Estados Unidos y la Unión Europea 2014
Metagaming: Playing, Competing, Spectating, Cheating, Trading, Making, and Breaking Videogames OPEN ACCESS 2017
Mondo Nano: Fun and Games in the World of Digital Matter 2015
Net Loss: Internet Prophets, Private Profits, and the Costs to Community 2002
Novoz?n: Das kommende Zeitalter der Hyperintelligenz 2020
Off the Network: Disrupting the Digital World OPEN ACCESS 2013
Our Battle for the Human Spirit: Scientific Knowing, Technical Doing, and Daily Living 2016
Program Earth: Environmental Sensing Technology and the Making of a Computational Planet OPEN ACCESS 2016
Respawn: Gamers, Hackers, and Technogenic Life 2018
The Sculpted Ear: Aurality and Statuary in the West 2020
Slow Computing: Why We Need Balanced Digital Lives 2020
The Social Life of Biometrics 2020
Technology in the Western Political Tradition 1993
Through Astronaut Eyes: Photographing Early Human Spaceflight 2020
Two Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software 2008
Upside-Down Gods: Gregory Bateson's World of Difference 2016
Variations on Media Thinking 2019
Watching YouTube: Extraordinary Videos by Ordinary People 2010
The Web as History: Using Web Archives to Understand the Past and the Present OPEN ACCESS 2017
What Things Do: Philosophical Reflections on Technology, Agency, and Design 2005