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African Conflict and Peacebuilding Review 2011 - 2020
African Journal of International Criminal Justice 2014
Air Power History 1989 - 2020
Aerospace Historian 1965 - 1988
The Air Power Historian 1954 - 1965
American Intelligence Journal 1977 - 2017
Arms Control Today 1974 - 2018
ACA Newsletter 1972 - 1973
Army History 1989 - 2020
The Army Historian 1983 - 1988
Atlantisch Perspectief 1995 - 2018
Conflict Management and Peace Science 1980 - 2016
Journal of Peace Science 1973 - 1980
Connections 2002 - 2020
Cooperation and Conflict 1965 - 2016
Counter Terrorist Trends and Analyses 2011 - 2020
Current Research on Peace and Violence 1978 - 1990
Instant Research on Peace and Violence 1971 - 1977
The Cyber Defense Review 2016 - 2020
Defense Transportation Journal 1967 - 2018
National Defense Transportation Journal 1949 - 1967
Army Transportation Journal 1945 - 1949
Ecología Política 1992 - 2018
European Review of International Studies 2014 - 2019
Die Friedens-Warte 1899 - 2016
Die Waffen nieder! 1892 - 1899
Geopolitics, History, and International Relations 2009 - 2020
Guerres mondiales et conflits contemporains 1987 - 2016
Revue d'histoire de la Deuxième Guerre mondiale et des conflits contemporains 1982 - 1986
Revue d'histoire de la Deuxième Guerre mondiale 1950 - 1981
Cahiers d'histoire de la guerre 1949 - 1950
History of Political Thought 1980 - 2014
Horizons: Journal of International Relations and Sustainable Development 2014 - 2020
Human Rights 1970 - 2016
Section of Individual Rights and Responsibilities Newsletter 1969 - 1978
Edited Proceedings (American Bar Association. Section of Individual Rights and Responsibilities) 1967 - 1969
Inside Missile Defense 1995 - 2016
Inside the Air Force 1996 - 2016
Inside the Army 1992 - 2016
Inside the Navy 1998 - 2016
Inside the Pentagon 1987 - 2016
International Journal of Conflict Engagement and Resolution 2013 - 2017
International Journal of Peace Studies 1996 - 2013
International Journal on World Peace 1984 - 2016
International Security 1976 - 2014
Jahrbuch Terrorismus 2006 - 2017
Journal of African Foreign Affairs 2014 - 2018
Journal of African Union Studies 2012 - 2018
Journal of Civil and Human Rights 2015 - 2020
Journal of Cold War Studies 1999 - 2014
Journal of Conflict & Security Law 2000 - 2014
Journal of Armed Conflict Law 1996 - 1999
International Law and Armed Conflict Commentary 1994 - 1995
The Journal of Conflict Resolution 1957 - 2016
Conflict Resolution 1957
The Journal of East Asian Affairs 1981 - 2018
Journal of Information Warfare 2001 - 2018
Journal of Law & Cyber Warfare 2012 - 2020
Journal of Peace Research 1964 - 2016
Journal of Religion and Violence 2013 - 2017
Journal of Strategic Security 2008 - 2020
The Journal of Territorial and Maritime Studies 2014 - 2020
Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research 1921 - 2017
Media, War & Conflict 2008 - 2016
Medieval Warfare 2011 - 2016
The Military Engineer 1920 - 2020
Professional Memoirs, Corps of Engineers, United States Army, and Engineer Department at Large 1909 - 1919
Military Images 1979 - 2020
Military Operations Research 1994 - 2020
Naval War College Review 1952 - 2020
Naval War College Information Service for Officers 1948 - 1952
New Zealand International Review 1976 - 2016
On Point 1995 - 2017
Peace Research 1969 - 2016
Perspectives on Terrorism 2007 - 2020
Phalanx 1966 - 2020
Politeja 2004 - 2019
PRISM 2009 - 2020
Security Challenges 2005 - 2020
Security Dialogue 1992 - 2016
Bulletin of Peace Proposals 1970 - 1992
Sicherheit und Frieden (S+F) / Security and Peace 1983 - 2016
Strategic Studies 1977 - 2019
Strategic Studies Quarterly 2007 - 2020
Vereinte Nationen: German Review on the United Nations 1962 - 2016
War in History 1994 - 2016
Warship International 1964 - 2017
Zeitschrift für Friedens- und Konfliktforschung 2012 - 2018
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Accounting for Violence: Marketing Memory in Latin America 2011
America's New Working Class: Race, Gender, and Ethnicity in a Biopolitical Age 2008
Amoral Communities: Collective Crimes in Time of War 2019
Anarchism, 1914–18: Internationalism, anti-militarism and war 2017
Anatomy of a Civil War: Sociopolitical Impacts of the Kurdish Conflict in Turkey OPEN ACCESS 2018
Anthropology at the Front Lines of Gender-Based Violence 2011
Antigone's Ghosts: The Long Legacy of War and Genocide in Five Countries 2019
Antiracism: An Introduction 2019
Aproximación a la medida cautelar innominada en el contexto colombiano 2017
The Architecture of Concepts: The Historical Formation of Human Rights 2013
Argentina Betrayed: Memory, Mourning, and Accountability 2018
Armenia and Azerbaijan: Anatomy of a Rivalry 2019
As sociedades contemporaneas e os direitos humanos = Contemporary societies and human rights 2018
Becoming Human Again: An Oral History of the Rwanda Genocide against the Tutsi 2020
Becoming Rwandan: Education, Reconciliation, and the Making of a Post-Genocide Citizen 2020
Behavioral Economics and Nuclear Weapons 2019
The Beneficiary 2017
Beyond Repair?: Mayan Women’s Protagonism in the Aftermath of Genocidal Harm 2019
Beyond Virtue and Vice: Rethinking Human Rights and Criminal Law 2019
Black Panther in Exile: The Pete O'Neal Story 2020
Black Power, Jewish Politics: Reinventing the Alliance in the 1960s 2018
Blacks and the Quest for Economic Equality: The Political Economy of Employment in Southern Communities in the United States 2009
The Book of Peace: By Christine de Pizan 2008
Bridging the Theory-Practice Divide in International Relations 2020
Brokering Peace in Nuclear Environments: U.S. Crisis Management in South Asia 2018
Building Militaries in Fragile States: Challenges for the United States 2018
Buried Histories: The Anticommunist Massacres of 1965–1966 in Indonesia 2020
Cambodia Confounds the Peacemakers, 1979-1998 1998
The Campus Color Line: College Presidents and the Struggle for Black Freedom 2020
Challenging U.S. Apartheid: Atlanta and Black Struggles for Human Rights, 1960–1977 2006
The Child and the World: Child-Soldiers and the Claim for Progress 2020
Ciencia por la verdad: 35 a?os del Equipo Argentino de Antropología Forense OPEN ACCESS 2019
Citizenship Beyond Nationality: Immigrants' Right to Vote Across the World 2019
The Civil Rights Movement 2004
Civil Society and Transitional Justice in Asia and the Pacific OPEN ACCESS 2019
Climate Change from the Streets: How Conflict and Collaboration Strengthen the Environmental Justice Movement 2010
Collective Courage: A History of African American Cooperative Economic Thought and Practice 2014
Communists and Their Victims: The Quest for Justice in the Czech Republic 2018
Compensation in Practice: The Foundation 'Remembrance, Responsibility and Future' and the Legacy of Forced Labour during the Third Reich 2017
Comunicación de las identidades sexo-genéricas. Resistencias y avances en derechos y libertades 2019
Conflicto armado en Siria: Campo de batalla geopolítico por el Medio Oriente 2020
Construcci??n de Paz en el Postacuerdo: Avances, Tensiones y Desaf??os 2020
Construcción de paz: las empresas en la reintegración de excombatientes 2019
Cosmopolitan dystopia: International intervention and the failure of the West 2020
Countdown in Korea: Der gef?hrlichste Konflikt der Welt und seine Hintergründe 2017
Coxey’s Crusade for Jobs: Unemployment in the Gilded Age 2016
Crafting Peace: Power-Sharing Institutions and the Negotiated Settlement of Civil Wars 2007
Crimmigrant Nations: Resurgent Nationalism and the Closing of Borders 2020
Crippling Leviathan: How Foreign Subversion Weakens the State 2020
Cruelty or Humanity: Challenges, Opportunities and Responsibilities 2020
Cultural Analysis, Cultural Studies, and the Law: Moving Beyond Legal Realism 2003
Daily Life in the Abyss: Genocide Diaries, 1915-1918 2019
Das Warschauer Getto: Alltag und Widerstand im Angesicht der Vernichtung 2013
Death and Other Penalties: Philosophy in a Time of Mass Incarceration 2015
Defend the Sacred: Native American Religious Freedom beyond the First Amendment 2020
Defensa de los derechos humanos de los migrantes y refugiados: El rol de las organizaciones del tercer sector en Colombia y Ecuador 2019
Del arte de la paz: reflexiones filosóficas sobre justicia transicional 2020
The Deportation Regime: Sovereignty, Space, and the Freedom of Movement 2010
Der Nahostkonflikt: Geschichte, Positionen, Perspektiven 2016
Derecho, acción y política en Hannah Arendt 2019
Derechos Civiles en Estados Unidos. ética, ideologías y cambios de paradigma 2020
Derechos de los pueblos originarios y de la Madre Tierra: una deuda OPEN ACCESS 2019
Derechos y políticas en infancias y juventudes: diversidades, prácticas y perspectivas OPEN ACCESS 2018
Desafios de multilateralismo y de la paz. Colección Ius Cogens. Derecho Internacional e Integración n.° 5 2017
Despotism on Demand: How Power Operates in the Flexible Workplace 2020
Diagnosing Dissent: Hysterics, Deserters, and Conscientious Objectors in Germany during World War One 2020
Die Kuba-Krise: Die Welt an der Schwelle zum Atomkrieg 2015
Die S?hne des Mars: Eine Geschichte des Krieges von der Steinzeit bis zum Ende der Antike 2015
Different Resources, Different Conflicts?: The Subnational Political Economy of Armed Conflict and Crime in Colombia 2020
Dignidad humana: Concepto y fundamentación en clave teológica latinoamericana 2019
Dignity and Health 2012
Dignity Rights: Courts, Constitutions, and the Worth of the Human Person 2021
The Distinction of Peace: A Social Analysis of Peacebuilding OPEN ACCESS 2017
Doing Time for Peace: Resistance, Family, and Community 2012
Dominicans and Human Rights: Past, Present, and Future 2017
Dying for Rights: Putting North Korea’s Human Rights Abuses on the Record 2019
El acceso a la justicia: Teoría y práctica desde una perspectiva comparada 2019
El concepto de convencionalidad. Vicisitudes para su construcción sustancial en el sistema interamericano de derechos humanos ideas fuerza rectora 2017
El control de las normas internas en la jurisprudencia del Tribunal Europeo y la Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos: Especial consideración de su aplicación en Espa?a y Nicaragua 2018
El derecho al debido proceso en la jurisprudencia de la Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos 2012
El Estado y los derechos humanos: México, Ecuador y Uruguay 2020
El proceso con derechos humanos. Método de debate y garantía frente al poder 2012
Elementos para una justicia de paz restaurativa 2018
Elusive Justice: Women, Land Rights, and Colombia's Transition to Peace 2019
Emociones en Chile Contemporáneo 2019
The End of the Charter Revolution: Looking Back from the New Normal 2015
Escritos de coyuntura 2018
ESTUDIOS JURíDICOS: Homenaje a los profesores José Manuel Luque Campo y Nicolasa González de Luque 2019
European Civil Society and Human Rights Advocacy 2017
Everyday Crimes: Social Violence and Civil Rights in Early America 2019
Everyday Economic Survival in Myanmar 2019
Extraordinary Justice: Law, Politics, and the Khmer Rouge Tribunals 2020
Failed Democratization in Prewar Japan: Breakdown of a Hybrid Regime 2014
Feeding the Hungry: Advocacy and Blame in the Global Fight against Hunger 2020
Fifty years of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination: A living instrument 2017
Figuras y responsabilidades en el tratamiento de datos personales 2019
Filosofía y Derechos Humanos 2003
Finding Soldiers of Peace: Three Dilemmas for UN Peacekeeping Missions 2020
The Fire Is upon Us: James Baldwin, William F. Buckley Jr., and the Debate over Race in America 2019
First Do No Harm: Humanitarian Intervention and the Destruction of Yugoslavia 2009
Flight MH17, Ukraine and the new Cold War: Prism of disaster 2018
Flucht und Vertreibung der Deutschen: Voraussetzungen, Verlauf, Folgen 2011
For the Love of Humanity: The World Tribunal on Iraq 2018
A Foreigner Carrying in the Crook of His Arm a Tiny Bomb 2010
Formación para la crítica y construcción de territorios de paz OPEN ACCESS 2017
Former Guerrillas in Mozambique 2020
Fragile Families: Foster Care, Immigration, and Citizenship 2017
Free Justice: A History of the Public Defender in Twentieth-Century America 2020
Free the Land: The Republic of New Afrika and the Pursuit of a Black Nation-State 2020
Free to Believe: Rethinking Freedom of Conscience and Religion in Canada 2013
Freedom in Entangled Worlds: West Papua and the Architecture of Global Power 2012
Freedom's Pragmatist: Lyndon Johnson and Civil Rights 2013
From Day to Day: One Man's Diary of Survival in Nazi Concentration Camps 2016
From Hope to Horror: Diplomacy and the Making of the Rwanda Genocide 2020
From Partition to Brexit: The Irish Government and Northern Ireland 2019
From Sit-Ins to SNCC: The Student Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s 2012
From the Grassroots to the Supreme Court: Brown v. Board of Education and American Democracy 2004
Genocide in the Ottoman Empire: Armenians, Assyrians, and Greeks, 1913-1923 2017
Genocide: Truth, Memory, and Representation 2009
God's Long Summer: Stories of Faith and Civil Rights 1997
Governing Disorder: UN Peace Operations, International Security, and Democratization in the Post–Cold War Era 2011
Ground Crew: The Fight to End Segregation at Georgia State 2019
Gulag Memories: The Rediscovery and Commemoration of Russia's Repressive Past 2018
Guns, Democracy, and the Insurrectionist Idea OPEN ACCESS 2009
Hagamos las paces: Narrar la guerra desde el arte para construir la paz 2020
Hannah Arendt e a banalidade do mal 2019
Healing Invisible Wounds: Paths to Hope and Recovery in a Violent World 2006
Help or Harm: The Human Security Effects of International NGOs 2014
The Hidden Face of Rights: Toward a Politics of Responsibilities 2020
Historia oral y memorias: Un aporte al estado de la discusión 2019
Hong Kong in Revolt: The Protest Movement and the Future of China 2020
Honor and the Political Economy of Marriage: Violence against Women in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq 2020
Howard Thurman: Philosophy, Civil Rights, and the Search for Common Ground 2019
Human Rights and Global Governance: Power Politics Meets International Justice 2020
Human Rights and Oppressed Peoples: Collected Essays and Speeches 2020
Human Rights and Participatory Politics in Southeast Asia 2019
Human Rights and the Care of the Self 2018
Human Rights Education: Forging an Academic Discipline 2020
Human Rights in Thailand 2018
Human Rights Transformation in Practice 2018
Human Shields: A History of People in the Line of Fire 2020
Humanitarian aid, genocide and mass killings: Médecins Sans Frontières, the Rwandan experience, 1982–97 2017
Humanitarianism and Media: 1900 to the Present 2019
Humanitarianism and Modern Culture 2010
Humanity in Crisis: Ethical and Religious Response to Refugees 2019
The Ideals of Global Sport: From Peace to Human Rights 2019
The Impact of Human Rights Prosecutions: Insights from European, Latin American, and African Post-Conflict Societies 2020
Implementing Inequality: The Invisible Labor of International Development 2020
In Pursuit of Peace in Israel and Palestine 2017
In the Company of Rebels: A Generational Memoir of Bohemians, Deep Heads, and History Makers 2019
The Indigenous Paradox: Rights, Sovereignty, and Culture in the Americas 2020
Individualiza??o, cidadania e inclus?o na sociedade contemporanea: uma análise teórica OPEN ACCESS 2018
The Indoctrination of the Wehrmacht: Nazi Ideology and the War Crimes of the German Military 2019
The Indonesian Way: ASEAN, Europeanization, and Foreign Policy Debates in a New Democracy 2018
Institution Building in Weak States: The Primacy of Local Politics 2020
The International Human Rights Movement: A History 2020
International Human Rights, Social Policy & Global: Critical Perspectives 2020
The Investigator: Demons of the Balkan War 2017
The Iranian Revolution at Forty 2020
A is for Asylum Seeker: Words for People on the Move / A de asilo: palabras para personas en movimiento 2020
Israel/Palestine and the Queer International 2012
Jewish Emancipation: A History Across Five Centuries 2019
Joyful Human Rights 2019
A Just Peace Ethic Primer: Building Sustainable Peace and Breaking Cycles of Violence 2020
Juventudes, políticas públicas y participación: Un estudio de las producciones socioestatales de juventud en la Argentina reciente OPEN ACCESS 2015
Juventudes y políticas en la Argentina y en América Latina: Tendencias, conflictos y desafíos OPEN ACCESS 2016
Katyn 1940: Geschichte eines Verbrechens 2015
Kissinger and Latin America: Intervention, Human Rights, and Diplomacy 2020
La adhesión de la Unión Europea al Convenio Europeo de Derechos Humanos 2018
La constitucionalización del Derecho administrativo Tomo II. El derecho Administrativo para la paz 2016
La evaluación de políticas de desarrollo a través de una perspectiva de derechos humanos / Development policies evaluation under the human rights-based approach 2016
La laicidad desde el derecho 2010
La memoria y perdón. Las comisiones de la verdad y la reconciliación en América Latina. Serie Teoría Jurídica y Filosofía del Derecho n.° 87 2017
La paz en cuestión: La guerra y la paz en la asamblea constituyente de 1991 2011
La paz: Perspectivas antiguas sobre un tema actual 2020
La reclamación por vicios o defectos constructivos: A la luz de la Jurisprudencia del Tribunal Supremo 2019
Las desapariciones forzadas de personas en el Derecho Internacional de los Derechos Humanos: Estudio de su evolución, concepto y reparación a las víctimas 2018
Law, History, and Justice: Debating German State Crimes in the Long Twentieth Century 2019
Law, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Terrorism OPEN ACCESS 2014
Law Touched Our Hearts: A Generation Remembers Brown v. Board of Education 2009
Learning to Be Latino: How Colleges Shape Identity Politics 2018
Legislating Gender and Sexuality in Africa: Human Rights, Society, and the State 2020
Let Them Not Return: Sayfo – The Genocide Against the Assyrian, Syriac, and Chaldean Christians in the Ottoman Empire 2019
Letters of the Law: Race and the Fantasy of Colorblindness in American Law 2015
The Liberal Virus: Permanent War and the Americanization of the World 2004
Liberated Territory: Untold Local Perspectives on the Black Panther Party 2008
Life Interrupted: Trafficking into Forced Labor in the United States 2014
Litigio estratégico en Colombia. Casos paradigmáticos del grupo de Acciones Públicas 2009 - 2013 2013
Living as Equals: How Three White Communities Struggled to Make Interracial Connections During the Civil Rights Era 2008
Living Tangier: Migration, Race, and Illegality in a Moroccan City 2020
Lockheed, Atlanta, and the Struggle for Racial Integration 2019
The Long Peace Process: The United States of America and Northern Ireland, 1960-2008 2019
Los derechos fundamentales de los jueces 2012
Los gobiernos locales y las políticas de vivienda en México y América Latina OPEN ACCESS 2017
Los muros de la infamia: Prisiones en Colombia y América Latina 2011
Los procesos de integración como factor de paz 2014
Losing Power: African Americans and Racial Polarization in Tennessee Politics 2020
The Loud Minority: Why Protests Matter in American Democracy 2020
Lugares, recorridos y sentidos de la memoría histórica: Acercamientos metodológicos 2019
The Making of the Greek Genocide: Contested Memories of the Ottoman Greek Catastrophe 2019
Managing Ambiguity: How Clientelism, Citizenship, and Power Shape Personhood in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2017
The Mandate of Dignity: Ronald Dworkin, Revolutionary Constitutionalism, and the Claims of Justice 2016
Marriage Equality: From Outlaws to In-Laws 2020
Martin Monath: A Jewish Resistance Fighter Among Nazi Soldiers 2019
Memory Activism: Reimagining the Past for the Future in Israel-Palestine 2017
Memory Battles of the Spanish Civil War: History, Fiction, Photography 2018
Mexico's Human Rights Crisis 2019
Microfoundations of the Arab Uprisings: Mapping Interactions between Regimes and Protesters OPEN ACCESS 2018
Microhistories of the Holocaust 2019
Migration by Boat: Discourses of Trauma, Exclusion and Survival 2016
The Militia and the Right to Arms, or, How the Second Amendment Fell Silent 2002
A Mother's Cry: A Memoir of Politics, Prison, and Torture under the Brazilian Military Dictatorship 2010
Multiracials and Civil Rights: Mixed-Race Stories of Discrimination 2018
Mutación de los derechos fundamentales por la interpretación de la Corte Constitucional colombiana: Concepto, justificación y límites 2015
The Nanking Atrocity, 1937-1938: Complicating the Picture 2017
NASA and the Long Civil Rights Movement 2019
Nearly the New World: The British West Indies and the Flight from Nazism, 1933–1945 2019
Negotiating Peace: North East Indian Perspectives on Peace, Justice, and Life in Community 2020
Neoliberalism as Exception: Mutations in Citizenship and Sovereignty 2006
Never Going Back: A History of Queer Activism in Canada 2002
No solution: The Labour government and the Northern Ireland conflict, 1974–79 2016
The Northern Ireland Troubles in Britain: Impacts, engagements, legacies and memories 2017
Notre Dame vs. The Klan: How the Fighting Irish Defied the KKK 2018
The Nuclear Renaissance and International Security 2013
Nuclear Weapons and American Grand Strategy 2020
Nuevos paradigmas del derecho público 2018
An Old French Trilogy: Texts from the William of Orange Cycle 2020
On an Empty Stomach: Two Hundred Years of Hunger Relief 2020
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation and Human Rights 2019
Orthodox Christian Perspectives on War 2017
Out of Many Faiths: Religious Diversity and the American Promise 2018
P. C. Chang and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 2016
Paper Cadavers: The Archives of Dictatorship in Guatemala 2014
Peace at Any Price: How the World Failed Kosovo 2006
Peaceful Selves: Personhood, Nationhood, and the Post-Conflict Moment in Rwanda 2019
The Perilous Public Square: Structural Threats to Free Expression Today 2020
Perpetrator Cinema: Confronting Genocide in Cambodian Documentary 2020
Phenomenal Justice: Violence and Morality in Argentina 2020
A Piece of the Action: Race and Labor in Post–Civil Rights Hollywood 2020
Plan Colombia: U.S. Ally Atrocities and Community Activism 2018
Political Advocacy and Its Interested Citizens: Neoliberalism, Postpluralism, and LGBT Organizations 2019
Post-transitional Justice: Human Rights Trials in Chile and El Salvador 2010
Preparing For Peace: Conflict Transformation Across Cultures 1995
?Presente!: Nonviolent Politics and the Resurrection of the Dead 2019
Preventing a Biochemical Arms Race 2012
The Princeton Fugitive Slave: The Trials of James Collins Johnson 2019
Principio de primacía del derecho comunitario andino y sus efectos en la jurisprudencia del Consejo de Estado 2019
Probing the Limits of Categorization: The Bystander in Holocaust History 2019
Problemas actuales de la justicia penal. 2017
Problemas actuales del derecho administrativo 2020
Psychiatric Encounters: Madness and Modernity in Yucatan, Mexico 2019
Pueblos Indígenas de Colombia ante el Sistema Interamericano de Derechos Humanos 2013
The Pulse of Humanitarian Assistance 2007
Punto de encuentro: Reflexiones sobre la construcción de paz en el centro el poblado Héctor Ramírez 2020
The Queen of America Goes to Washington City: Essays on Sex and Citizenship 1997
Queremos seguir otro camino: Memorias del conflicto armado en los ni?os y ni?as en situación de desplazamiento en Popayán 2018
Race and Rights: Fighting Slavery and Prejudice in the Old Northwest, 1830–1870 2015
Radiografías de la experiencia escolar: Ser joven(es) en la escuela OPEN ACCESS 2016
Reckoning with Pinochet: The Memory Question in Democratic Chile, 1989–2006 2010
Reclaiming the Great World House: The Global Vision of Martin Luther King Jr. 2019
Reconstituting Whiteness: The Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission 2010
Reflexiones en torno a una pedagogía para la paz 2019
Regular Soldiers, Irregular War: Violence and Restraint in the Second Intifada 2020
Religion and Rights: The Oxford Amnesty Lectures 2011
The Religion of White Rage: Religious Fervor, White Workers and the Myth of Black Racial Progress 2020
Religious Freedom and Mass Conversion in India 2019
Religious Freedom Under Scrutiny 2020
Reluctant Interveners: America's Failed Responses to Genocide from Bosnia to Darfur 2020
Reluctant Restraint: The Evolution of China's Nonproliferation Policies and Practices, 1980-2004 2007
Rendición de cuentas: La justicia transicional en perspectiva histórica 2006
Reparations to Africa 2008
Resisting Militarism: Direct Action and the Politics of Subversion 2019
The Responsibility of Intellectuals: Reflections by Noam Chomsky and Others after 50 years OPEN ACCESS 2019
Rethinking Holocaust Justice: Essays across Disciplines 2020
Re-Thinking Socio-Economic Rights in An Insecure World 2006
Retrospección de Contadora: los esfuerzos de México para la paz en Centroamérica (1983-1985) OPEN ACCESS 2007
Revolutionary Love: A Political Manifesto to Heal and Transform the World 2019
The Right to Maim: Debility, Capacity, Disability 2017
Robert R. Church Jr. and the African American Political Struggle 2019
A Sad Fiasco: Colonial Concentration Camps in Southern Africa, 1900–1908 2019
A Samaritan State Revisited: Historical Perspectives on Canadian Foreign Aid 2019
A Satellite Empire: Romanian Rule in Southwestern Ukraine, 1941–1944 2019
The Security Archipelago: Human-Security States, Sexuality Politics, and the End of Neoliberalism 2013
Security Assurances and Nuclear Nonproliferation 2012
The Seedtime, the Work, and the Harvest: New Perspectives on the Black Freedom Struggle in America 2018
Shock y resistencia en Colombia: Construcción de paz para el postacuerdo 2019
Silenced Communities: Legacies of Militarization and Militarism in a Rural Guatemalan Town 2018
A Simple Justice: Kentucky Women Fight for the Vote 2020
SNCC's Stories: The African American Freedom Movement in the Civil Rights South 2020
Social Movements in Latin America: Mapping the Mosaic 2020
Some of the People Who Ate My Barbecue Didn't Vote for Me: The Life of Georgia Governor Marvin Griffin 2011
South Carolina at the Brink: Robert McNair and the Politics of Civil Rights 2006
South of the South: Jewish Activists and the Civil Rights Movement in Miami, 1945-1960 2004
The Sovereign Street: Making Revolution in Urban Bolivia 2020
Spectacular Rhetorics: Human Rights Visions, Recognitions, Feminisms 2011
Standing with Standing Rock: Voices from the #NoDAPL Movement 2019
Statelessness in the Caribbean: The Paradox of Belonging in a Postnational World 2017
Stono: Documenting and Interpreting a Southern Slave Revolt 2005
Strategies of Compliance with the European Court of Human Rights: Rational Choice Within Normative Constraints 2018
Strong Inside: Perry Wallace and the Collision of Race and Sports in the South 2014
The Struggle for Land and Justice in Kenya 2020
Sunningdale, the Ulster Workers' Council strike and the struggle for democracy in Northern Ireland 2017
A Survey of Chemical and Biological Warfare 1969
Suspect Communities: Anti-Muslim Racism and the Domestic War on Terror 2019
Sustaining Human Rights: Women and Argentine Human Rights Organizations 2007
Sustaining Life: AIDS Activism in South Africa 2020
The Syrian Revolution: Between the Politics of Life and the Geopolitics of Death 2020
Taking Children: A History of American Terror 2020
Teaching Peace: Students Exchange Letters with Their Teacher 2015
Teoría del suicidio procesal 2020
Theories of International Relations and Northern Ireland 2017
To Fulfill These Rights: Political Struggle Over Affirmative Action and Open Admissions 2019
To Plead Our Own Cause: Personal Stories by Today's Slaves 2008
The Torture Doctors: Human Rights Crimes and the Road to Justice 2020
Tortured Logic: Why Some Americans Support the Use of Torture in Counterterrorism 2020
Touched Bodies: The Performative Turn in Latin American Art 2019
Trabalho e regula??o no Estado Constitucional OPEN ACCESS 2016
Traces of Trauma: Cambodian Visual Culture and National Identity in the Aftermath of Genocide 2020
Tráfico de pessoas e mobilidade humana 2018
The Transformation of Capacity in International Development: Afghanistan and Pakistan (1977–2017) 2020
Tras las huellas del Terrorismo en Euskadi: Justicia restaurativa, Convivencia y reconciliación 2019
Trauma and Memory: Reading, Healing, and Making Law 2007
Traumatic States: Gendered Violence, Suffering, and Care in Chile 2013
Truth Without Reconciliation: A Human Rights History of Ghana 2018
Twilight of Impunity: The War Crimes Trial of Slobodan Milosevic 2010
Understanding and Teaching the Civil Rights Movement 2019
The United Nations and peacekeeping, 1988–95 2016
Universidad y educación para la paz.: Experiencias internacionales y nacionales para una propuesta en Colombia 2020
Unmaking the Global Sweatshop: Health and Safety of the World's Garment Workers 2017
Unsettling Accounts: Neither Truth nor Reconciliation in Confessions of State Violence 2008
U.S. Foreign Policy and Muslim Women's Human Rights 2018
Valoración del da?o y desvictimización.: Violencia sociopolítica en Colombia 2019
Violating Peace: Sex, Aid, and Peacekeeping 2020
Violencias que persisten: El escenario tras los acuerdos de paz 2020
Voices of Civil Rights Lawyers: Reflections from the Deep South, 1964–1980 2017
War in Space: Strategy, Spacepower, Geopolitics 2020
The War on Poverty in Mississippi: From Massive Resistance to New Conservatism 2020
The War on the Uyghurs: China's Internal Campaign against a Muslim Minority 2020
We Cannot Remain Silent: Opposition to the Brazilian Military Dictatorship in the United States 2010
Weltunordnung: Die globalen Krisen und das Versagen des Westens 2016
Wer den Wind s?t: Was westliche Politik im Orient anrichtet 2015
When There Was No Aid: War and Peace in Somaliland 2020
When Victims Become Killers: Colonialism, Nativism, and the Genocide in Rwanda 2020
Whose Memory? Which Future?: Remembering Ethnic Cleansing and Lost Cultural Diversity in Eastern, Central and Southeastern Europe 2019
Winning While Losing: Civil Rights, The Conservative Movement and the Presidency from Nixon to Obama 2014
The Woman in the Violence: Gender, Poverty, and Resistance in Peru 2010
A World Divided: The Global Struggle for Human Rights in the Age of Nation-States 2019
The World of the John Birch Society: Conspiracy, Conservatism, and the Cold War 2014
The World Refugees Made: Decolonization and the Foundation of Postwar Italy 2020
World report 2015: Events of 2014 OPEN ACCESS 2015
World report 2016: Events of 2015 OPEN ACCESS 2016
Worlds Apart: Bosnian Lessons for Global Security 2011
Wounded I Am More Awake: Finding Meaning after Terror 2012
Writing That Breaks Stones: African Child Soldier Narratives 2020
Yellow Star, Red Star: Holocaust Remembrance after Communism 2019