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The University of Arkansas Press advances the mission of the University of Arkansas by publishing peer-reviewed scholarship and literature of enduring value. We curate a list of books by authors of diverse backgrounds writing for specialty as well as general audiences in Arkansas and throughout the world.

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Artivate 2012 - 2020
Philosophical Topics 1981 - 2018
The Southwestern Journal of Philosophy 1970 - 1980
Books in JSTOR from University of Arkansas Press
381 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Aaron Henry of Mississippi: Inside Agitator 2015
The Accidental: Poems 2019
Adventures in the Wild: Tales from Biologists of the Natural State 2008
The African-American History of Nashville, Tennessee, 1780-1930: Elites and Dilemmas 1999
After the Reunion: Poems 1994
Afternoon Masala: Poems 2014
Agitations: Ideologies and Strategies in African American Politics 2010
All before Them: Student Opportunities and Nationally Competitive Fellowships 2015
All In: Expanding Access through Nationally Competitive Awards 2013
American Appetites: A Documentary Reader 2014
Another Creature: Poems 2009
Anti-Catholicism in Arkansas: How Politicians, the Press, the Klan, and Religious Leaders Imagined an Enemy, 1910–1960 2016
The Apple That Astonished Paris: Poems 2006
Architects of Little Rock: 1833-1950 2014
Aristocrats of Color: The Black Elite, 1880–1920 1990
Arkansas, 1800-1860: Remote and Restless 1998
Arkansas: A Concise History 2019
Arkansas: A Narrative History 2013
Arkansas and the New South, 1874–1929 1997
Arkansas Archaeology: Essays in Honor of Dan and Phyllis Morse 1999
The Arkansas Delta: Land of Paradox 1993
An Arkansas Florilegium: The Atlas of Botanist Edwin Smith Illustrated by Naturalist Kent Bonar 2017
An Arkansas Folklore Sourcebook 1992
The Arkansas Freedom of Information Act 2017
An Arkansas History for Young People: Fourth Edition 2008
Arkansas in Modern America, 1930–1999 2000
Arkansas in Modern America since 1930 2019
Arkansas Mammals: Their Natural History, Classification, and Distribution 1990
The Arkansas Post of Louisiana 2017
Arkansas Travelers: Geographies of Exploration and Perception, 1804-1834 2019
Arkansas/Arkansaw: How Bear Hunters, Hillbillies, and Good Ol' Boys Defined a State 2009
Army Life: From a Soldier's Journal 2009
Arsnick: The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee in Arkansas 2011
Art for a New Understanding: Native Voices, 1950s to Now 2018
Aunt Sammy's Radio Recipes: The Original 1927 Cookbook and Housekeeper's Chat 2018
Autobiography of Samuel S. Hildebrand: The Renowned Missouri Bushwhacker 2005
Back Yonder: An Ozark Chronicle 2016
Backwoods Tales: Paddy McGann, Sharp Snaffles, and Bill Bauldy 2010
Baltimore Sports: Stories from Charm City 2016
The Battle for the Buffalo River: The Story of America's First National River 1992
Battling Siki: A Tale of Ring Fixes, Race, and Murder in the 1920s 2006
Bearing Witness: Memories of Arkansas Slavery 2003
A Beautiful Sickness: Reflections on the Sweet Science 2001
Beirut '75 1995
Beware of Limbo Dancers: A Correspondent’s Adventures with the New York Times 2012
Beyond C. L. R. James: Shifting Boundaries of Race and Ethnicity in Sports 2014
Beyond Little Rock: The Origins and Legacies of the Central High Crisis 2007
Beyond Memory: An Anthology of Contemporary Arab American Creative Nonfiction 2020
Beyond Rosie: A Documentary History of Women and World War II 2015
Beyond Winning: National Scholarship Competitions and the Student Experience 2005
Black Charlestonians: A Social History, 1822-1885 1994
Black Physicians in the Jim Crow South 2003
Black Savannah, 1788–1864 1996
Blood in Their Eyes: The Elaine Massacre of 1919 2020
Blood in Their Eyes: The Elaine Race Massacres of 1919 2001
The Blood of Abraham: Insights into the Middle East 2007
The Blueness of the Evening: Selected Poems of Hassan Najmi 2018
Born in the Delta: Reflections on the Making of a Southern White Sensibility 2000
Boxing Is . . .: Reflections on the Sweet Science 2010
The Boy from Altheimer: From the Depression to the Boardroom 2008
Breaking the Jaws of Silence: Sixty American Poets Speak to the World 2013
Breaking the Silence: The Little Rock Women's Emergency Committee to Open Our Schools, 1958–1963 1997
Breaking Through: John B. McLendon, Basketball Legend and Civil Rights Pioneer 2007
Bridging the Gap: Perspectives on Nationally Competitive Scholarships 2019
Brother Bill: President Clinton and the Politics of Race and Class 2016
Bullets and Fire: Lynching and Authority in Arkansas, 1840-1950 2018
The Burning World: Poems 2004
Camp Nine: A Novel 2011
Cenotaph: Poems 2016
Champion Trees of Arkansas: An Artist's Journey 2016
Changeable Thunder: Poems 2001
Chattahoochee: Poems 2004
Chop Suey and Sushi from Sea to Shining Sea: Chinese and Japanese Restaurants in the United States 2018
Chord Box: Poems 2013
Civil War Arkansas: Beyond Battles and Leaders 2000
The Coal Life: Poems 2012
Collected Poems, 1952–1999 2000
Colonial Arkansas, 1686-1804: A Social and Cultural History 1991
Confederate Guerrilla: The Civil War Memoir of Joseph M. Bailey 2007
Consult Them in the Matter: A Nineteenth-Century Islamic Argument for Constitutional Government 2005
A Cry for Justice: Daniel Rudd and His Life in Black Catholicism, Journalism, and Activism, 1854–1933 2011
Cry from the Cotton: The Southern Tenant Farmers' Union and the New Deal 1971
Crystals in Art: Ancient to Today 2019
Daddy’s Money: A Memoir of Farm and Family 2011
A Dangerous Journey: Inside Another Year in Boxing 2019
Dardanelle and the Bottoms: Environment, Agriculture, and Economy in an Arkansas River Community, 1819-1970 2017
Day of the Border Guards: Poems 2014
DC Sports: The Nation's Capital at Play 2015
Dearest Letty: The World War II Love Letters of Sgt. Leland Duvall 2011
Death of a Confederate Colonel: Civil War Stories and a Novella 2007
Defending the American Way of Life: Sport, Culture, and the Cold War 2018
Defining Moments: Historic Decisions by Arkansas Governors from McMath through Huckabee 2010
Defining the Delta: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on the Lower Mississippi River Delta 2015
Democracy, Dialogue, and Community Action: Truth and Reconciliation in Greensboro 2012
Democratic Sports: Men's and Women's College Athletics during the Great Depression 2015
Dethroning the Deceitful Pork Chop: Rethinking African American Foodways from Slavery to Obama 2015
Devouring Cultures: Perspectives on Food, Power, and Identity from the Zombie Apocalypse to Downton Abbey 2016
Digging for History at Old Washington 2009
Dinarzad's Children: An Anthology of Contemporary Arab American Fiction 2009
The Dirt Riddles: Poems 2010
Distinguishing the Righteous from the Roguish: The Arkansas Supreme Court, 1836–1874 2016
A Documentary History of Arkansas 2013
Don't Leave Hungry: Fifty Years of Southern Poetry Review 2009
Double Toil and Trouble: A New Novel and Short Stories by Donald Harington 2020
Down on Mahans Creek: A History of an Ozarks Neighborhood 2017
Dreams Derailed: Undocumented Youths in the Trump Era 2019
During Wind and Rain: The Jones Family Farm in the Arkansas Delta 1848-2006 2008
Dutch Ovens Chronicled: Their Use in the United States 2004
The Empty Loom: Poems 2012
An Epitaph for Little Rock: A Fiftieth Anniversary Retrospective on the Central High Crisis 2008
Everything to Gain: Making the Most of the Rest of Your Life 1987
[explicit lyrics]: Poems 2016
Exploring the Big Woods: A Guide to the Last Great Forest of the Arkansas Delta 2016
A Family Practice: The Russell Doctors and the Evolving Business of Medicine, 1799-1989 2020
The Fate of Texas: The Civil War and the Lone Star State 2008
Faubus: The Life and Times of an American Prodigal 1997
Fiat Flux: The Writings of Wilson R. Bachelor, Nineteenth-Century Country Doctor and Philosopher 2013
Fields White Unto Harvest: Charles F. Parham and the Missionary Origins of Pentecostalism 1988
Figured Dark: Poems 2007
Finding the Lost Year: What Happened When Little Rock Closed Its Public Schools 2009
Fire Baton: Poems 2006
The Fire Landscape: Poems 2008
First Amendment Studies in Arkansas: The Richard S. Arnold Prize Essays 2016
First Lady from Plains 1994
The First Twenty-Five: An Oral History of the Desegregation of Little Rock’s Public Junior High Schools 2018
Fishes of Arkansas 2020
Forging Communities: Food and Representation in Medieval and Early Modern Southwestern Europe 2018
Frank Merriwell and the Fiction of All-American Boyhood: The Progressive Era Creation of the Schoolboy Sports Story 2015
Freebooters and Smugglers: The Foreign Slave Trade in the United States after 1808 2007
Fugitivism: Escaping Slavery in the Lower Mississippi Valley, 1820-1860 2019
The Future Ain't What It Used to Be: The 2016 Presidential Election in the South 2018
Ghost Gear: Poems 2014
The Golden Shovel Anthology: New Poems Honoring Gwendolyn Brooks 2017
The Golden Shovel Anthology: New Poems Honoring Gwendolyn Brooks 2019
A Government as Good as Its People 1996
The Greatest Sport of All: An Inside Look at Another Year in Boxing 2007
Gridiron Gourmet: Gender and Food at the Football Tailgate 2019
The Guestroom Novelist: A Donald Harington Miscellany 2019
Guide to Missouri Confederate Units, 1861-1865 2008
Hagar Poems 2016
Harambee City: The Congress of Racial Equality in Cleveland and the Rise of Black Power Populism 2017
A Hard World: An Inside Look at Another Year in Boxing 2016
Harm's Way: Poems 2010
Head, Heart, and Hand: John Brown University and Modern Evangelical Higher Education 2003
The Headpots of Northeast Arkansas and Southern Pemiscot County, Missouri 2009
Heresy and the Ideal: On Contemporary Poetry 2000
High, Wide, and Frightened 2004
Hipbillies: Deep Revolution in the Arkansas Ozarks 2019
A History of Free Verse 2001
A History of Southland College: The Society of Friends and Black Education in Arkansas 2009
Hoop Crazy: The Lives of Clair Bee and Chip Hilton 2013
Hot Springs: Past and Present 2014
House of Pain: New and Selected Essays 2013
A Hurting Sport: An Inside Look at Another Year in Boxing 2015
I Do Wish This Cruel War Was Over: First-Person Accounts of Civil War Arkansas from the Arkansas Historical Quarterly 2014
I Was Waiting to See What You Would Do First: Poems 2020
If It Ain't Broke, Break It: How Corporate Journalism Killed the Arkansas Gazette 2015
The Improbable Life of the Arkansas Democrat: An Oral History 2016
Improvisations on a Missing String 1997
In Broken Latin: Poems 2012
In Clouds of Glory: American Airmen Who Flew with the British during the Great War 1990
In Search of Divine Reality: Science as a Source of Inspiration 1997
In the Home of the Famous Dead: Collected Poems 2015
Inclined to Speak: An Anthology of Contemporary Arab American Poetry 2008
Indivisible: An Anthology of Contemporary South Asian American Poetry 2010
Interpreting Kigali, Rwanda: Architectural Inquiries and Prospects for a Developing African City 2018
Inventing Authenticity: How Cookbook Writers Redefine Southern Identity 2018
It's About Time: The Dave Brubeck Story 1996
It's All Done Gone: Arkansas Photographs from the Farm Security Administration Collection, 1935-1943 2018
Jelly Roll: A Black Neighborhood in a Southern Mill Town 1986
Jim Crow America: A Documentary History 2009
John McDonnell: The Most Successful Coach in NCAA History 2013
The Jungles of Arkansas: A Personal History of the Wonder State 1989
Just and Righteous Causes: Rabbi Ira Sanders and the Fight for Racial and Social Justice in Arkansas, 1926-1963 2018
Just Below the Line: Disability, Housing, and Equity in the South 2010
Kaleidoscope: Redrawing an American Family Tree 2015
Keeping Faith: Memoirs of a President 1995
Keeping Time with Blue Hyacinths: Poems 2013
King Me: Three One-Act Plays Inspired by the Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 2013
LA Sports: Play, Games, and Community in the City of Angels 2018
Latin@s' Presence in the Food Industry: Changing How We Think about Food 2016
The Law of Falling Bodies: Poems 2013
Leading the Way: Student Engagement and Nationally Competitive Awards 2009
Let Me Tell You Where I've Been: New Writing by Women of the Iranian Diaspora 2006
The Life and Adventures of an Arkansaw Doctor 1989
Life in the Leatherwoods: New Edition 2000
Lights! Camera! Arkansas!: From Broncho Billy to Billy Bob Thornton 2015
The Listening Chamber: Poems 1997
The Literature of the Ozarks: An Anthology 2019
The Little Baby Snoogle-Fleejer 1995
Little Songs in the Shade of Tamaara 2000
Live Nude Girl: My Life as an Object 2008
Lofty Dogmas: Poets on Poetics 2005
Long Is the Way and Hard: One Hundred Years of the NAACP 2009
The Long Shadow of Little Rock: A Memoir 1986
Looking Back at the Arkansas Gazette: An Oral History 2009
Looking Back to See: A Country Music Memoir 2005
Looking for Hogeye 1986
Louis I. Kahn: The Nordic Latitudes 2019
Lovely Asunder: Poems 2011
The Made Thing: An Anthology of Contemporary Southern Poetry 1999
the magic my body becomes: Poems by 2017
Making March Madness: The Early Years of the NCAA, NIT, and College Basketball Championships, 1922-1951 2017
The Man in Song: A Discographic Biography of Johnny Cash 2018
Martin Faber: The Story of a Criminal with "Confessions of a Murder" 2005
Meanings of Maple: An Ethnography of Sugaring 2017
Medgar Evers: Mississippi Martyr 2011
Memories of Revolt: The 1936–1939 Rebellion and the Palestinian National Past 2003
Men of Steel, Women of Wonder: Modern American Superheroes in Contemporary Art 2019
Meter in English: A Critical Engagement 1996
Mexican-Origin Foods, Foodways, and Social Movements: Decolonial Perspectives 2017
Migratory Sound: Poems 2020
Mourner's Bench: A Novel 2015
Moving Boarders: Skateboarding and the Changing Landscape of Urban Youth Sports 2018
Mr. Stevens' Secretary: Poems 2017
My Father Says Grace: Poems 2007
Narcissus Americana: Poems 2018
Nationally Competitive Scholarships: Serving Students and the Public Good 2007
A Necklace of Bees: Poems 2008
Negro Slavery in Arkansas 1986
New and Selected Poems: 1956-1996 1996
The New Babel: Toward a Poetics of the Mid-East Crises 2016
New Deal / New South: An Anthony J. Badger Reader 2007
New Orleans Sports: Playing Hard in the Big Easy 2019
New York Sports: Glamour and Grit in the Empire City 2018
Not Without Honor: The Nazi POW Journal of Steve Carano; With Accounts by John C. Bitzer and Bill Blackmon 2008
Notes to Make the Sound Come Right: Four Innovators of Jazz Poetry 2004
Now You're the Enemy: Poems 2008
Oblivion and Stone: A Selection of Bolivian Poetry and Fiction 1998
Olimpismo: The Olympic Movement in the Making of Latin America and the Caribbean 2020
One Story, Thirty Stories: An Anthology of Contemporary Afghan American Literature 2010
The Other Brahmins: Boston's Black Upper Class 1750-1950 1994
Our Earliest Tattoos: Poems 2018
Out of the Shadows: A Biographical History of African American Athletes 2006
An Outdoor Journal: Adventures and Reflections 1994
Outlaw Style: Poems 2007
Outside the Pale: The Architecture of Fay Jones 1999
The Oxford American Book of Great Music Writing 2008
The Ozark Trilogy: Twelve Fair Kingdoms, The Grand Jubilee, And Then There’ll Be Fireworks 2000
The Ozarks: An American Survival of Primitive Society 2017
A Paler Shade of Red: The 2008 Presidential Election in the South 2009
Paradise: Poems 2011
Paraíso: Poems by 2017
The Partisan: A Romance of Revolution 2011
Passing the Torch: Planning for the Next Generation of Leaders in Public Service 2016
Perspectives on Food-Safety Issues of Animal-Derived Foods 2010
Philly Sports: Teams, Games, and Athletes from Rocky's Town 2016
A Pictorial History of Arkansas's Old State House: Celebrating 175 Years 2011
Pinson Mounds: Middle Woodland Ceremonialism in the Midsouth 2013
A Place Apart: A Pictorial History of Hot Springs, Arkansas 2011
The Poem Itself: 150 of the Finest Modern Poets in the Original Languages 1995
Portraits of Conflict: A Photographic History of Alabama in the Civil War 2012
Portraits of Conflict: A Photographic History of Missouri in the Civil War 2009
Power Lines: and Other Stories 1989
Praise Nothing: Poems 2013
Preface to the Presidency: Selected Speeches of Bill Clinton 1974-1992 1996
Pres: The Story of Lester Young 1987
Princesses' Street: Baghdad Memories 2005
Protect Yourself at All Times: An Inside Look at Another Year in Boxing 2018
Protection Spell: Poems 2017
Race and Ethnicity in Arkansas: New Perspectives 2014
Race, Politics, and Memory: A Documentary History of the Little Rock School Crisis 2007
Readings in Arkansas Politics and Government 2009
Readings in Arkansas Politics and Government 2019
Rebellion and Realignment: Arkansas's Road to Secession 1987
The Red Kimono: A Novel 2013
Reflections: Conversations, Essays, and Other Writings 2014
Remembrances in Black: Personal Perspectives of the African American Experience at the University of Arkansas, 1940s–2000s 2010
Reminiscences of a Private: William E. Bevens of the First Arkansas Infantry C.S.A. 1992
Reveille: Poems 2015
A Rich and Tantalizing Brew: A History of How Coffee Connected the World 2019
A Rift in the Clouds: Race and the Southern Federal Judiciary, 1900-1910 2007
Rift: Poems 2008
Right to DREAM: Immigration Reform and America’s Future 2013
The Rise to Respectability: Race, Religion, and the Church of God in Christ 2012
Rivals: Legendary Matchups That Made Sports History 2010
Roads Less Traveled and Other Perspectives on Nationally Competitive Scholarships 2017
Rooted Resistance: Agrarian Myth in Modern America 2020
Rousing the Machinery: Poems 2012
Roze & Blud: A Long Poem 2020
Rude Pursuits and Rugged Peaks: Schoolcraft's Ozark Journal, 1818-1819 1996
Rugged and Sublime: The Civil War in Arkansas 1994
Ruled by Race: Black/White Relations in Arkansas From Slavery to the Present 2009
The Rumble of a Distant Drum: The Quapaws and Old World Newcomers, 1673–1804 2000
Sam Dellinger: Raiders of the Lost Arkansas 2008
San Francisco Bay Area Sports: Golden Gate Athletics, Recreation, and Community 2017
Sappho to Valéry: Poems in Translation 1990
The Scars of Project 459: The Environmental Story of the Lake of the Ozarks 2014
Scattered Crumbs: A Novel 2003
The Sculpture of Robyn Horn 2018
Season of the Gar: Adventures in Pursuit of America's Most Misunderstood Fish 2010
Seattle Sports: Play, Identity, and Pursuit in the Emerald City 2020
The Second Great Emancipation: The Mechanical Cotton Picker, Black Migration, and How They Shaped the Modern South 2000
Second Verse, Same as the First: The 2012 Presidential Election in the South 2014
The Secret Trust of Aspasia Cruvellier Mirault: The Life and Trials of a Free Woman of Color in Antebellum Georgia 2008
See You Soon: Poems 2016
Selected Poems of John Gould Fletcher 1988
Self-Portrait in a Door-Length Mirror: Poems 2017
Separate Games: African American Sport behind the Walls of Segregation 2016
Serious Daring: The Fiction and Photography of Eudora Welty and Rosamond Purcell 2016
Shadow Patterns: Reflections on Fay Jones and His Architecture 2017
Shadows Over Sunnyside: An Arkansas Plantation in Transition, 1830-1945 1993
A Short History of Monsters: Poems 2019
Showdown in Desire: The Black Panthers Take a Stand in New Orleans 2009
Sin: Selected Poems of Forugh Farrokhzad 2007
Slavery and Secession in Arkansas: A Documentary History 2015
Sloan: A Paleoindian Dalton Cemetery in Arkansas 1997
The South in Modern America: A Region at Odds 1994
The Southern Elite and Social Change: Essays in Honor of Willard B. Gatewood, Jr. 2002
A Spectacular Leap: Black Women Athletes in Twentieth-Century America 2014
Sport and the Law: Historical and Cultural Intersections 2014
Spring and a Thousand Years (Unabridged): Poems 2020
Start with the Trouble: Poems 2009
Statesmen, Scoundrels, and Eccentrics: A Gallery of Amazing Arkansans 2010
Steamboats and Ferries on the White River: A Heritage Revisited 1998
Stories of Survival: Arkansas Farmers during the Great Depression 2011
Straight Writes and Jabs: An Inside Look at Another Year in Boxing 2013
A Stranger and a Sojourner: Peter Caulder, Free Black Frontiersman in Antebellum Arkansas 2004
Strip: Poems 2020
A Sunday in God-Years: Poems 2009
Sweet Home, Saturday Night: Poems 1991
Talk Poetry: Poems and Interviews with Nine American Poets 2012
The Taste of Art: Cooking, Food, and Counterculture in Contemporary Practices 2017
Teeth Never Sleep: Poems 2018
Territorial Ambition: Land and Society in Arkansas, 1800-1840 2019
A Theory of Birds: Poems 2019
There When We Needed Him: Wiley Austin Branton, Civil Rights Warrior 2007
There Will Always Be Boxing: Another Year Inside the Sweet Science 2017
They Sought a Land: A Settlement in the Arkansas River Valley, 1840–1870 1997
Things You Need to Hear: Collected Memories of Growing Up in Arkansas, 1890–1980 2012
Thomas Hauser on Boxing: Another Year Inside the Sweet Science 2014
Thomas Hauser on Sports: Remembering the Journey 2013
A Thrilling Narrative: The Memoir of a Southern Unionist 2006
The Time between Places: Stories That Weave In and Out of Egypt and America 2010
Titan II: A History of a Cold War Missile Program 2000
To Feast on Us as Their Prey: Cannibalism and the Early Modern Atlantic 2019
To the Bramble and the Briar: Poems 2014
"Too Good a Town": William Allen White, Community, and the Emerging Rhetoric of Middle America 1998
A Tough Little Patch of History: Gone with the Wind and the Politics of Memory 2014
Town and Country: Race Relations in an Urban-Rural Context, Arkansas, 1865–1905 1990
Trembling Air: Poems 2003
Tremors: New Fiction by Iranian American Writers 2013
True Faith, True Light: The Devotional Art of Ed Stilley 2015
Twin Cities Sports: Games for All Seasons 2020
Unbelievable Happiness and Final Sorrow: The Hemingway-Pfeiffer Marriage 2012
Understanding the Little Rock Crisis: An Exercise in Remembrance and Reconciliation 1999
Unequal Laws Unto a Savage Race: European Legal Traditions in Arkansas, 1686-1836 1985
United States District Courts and Judges of Arkansas, 1836–1960 2016
Unlocking V.O. Key Jr.: "Southern Politics" for the Twenty-First Century 2011
Unmanly Grief: Poems 2019
The Un-Natural State: Arkansas and the Queer South 2010
Up Against the Wall: Violence in the Making and Unmaking of the Black Panther Party 2006
Vasconselos: A Romance of the New World 2013
Waiting for the Cemetery Vote: The Fight to Stop Election Fraud in Arkansas 2011
Waking Stone: Inventions on the Life of Harriet Hosmer 2006
Walking Through the Horizon: Poems 2006
Walking with Eve in the Loved City: Poems 2018
The War at Home: Perspectives on the Arkansas Experience during World War I 2020
War on Error: Real Stories of American Muslims 2007
Weapons Grade: Poems 2009
When the Wolf Came: The Civil War and the Indian Territory 2013
When We Were Birds: Poems 2016
White Man's Heaven: The Lynching and Expulsion of Blacks in the Southern Ozarks, 1894-1909 2010
The White River Chronicles of S. C. Turnbo: Man and Wildlife on the Ozarks Frontier 1994
Why Not the Best?: The First Fifty Years 1996
The Wild Night Dress: Poems 2017
The Williwaw War: The Arkansas National Guard in the Aleutians in World War II 1992
Winks and Daggers: An Inside Look at Another Year in Boxing 2011
With All Deliberate Speed: Implementing Brown v. Board of Education 2008
With Fire and Sword: Arkansas, 1861-1874 2003
Women and Slavery in America: A Documentary History 2011
Womenfolks: Growing Up Down South 1998
Words Unbound: Teaching Dante's Inferno in the High School Classroom 2017
World Over Water: Poems 2007
Worthy of the Cause for Which They Fight: The Civil War Diary of Brigadier General Harris Reynolds, 1861-1865 2011
Writing for Love and Money: A Novel 1991
Ya Te Veo: Poems 2018
Yazoo: Integration in a Deep-Southern Town 2012
Yesterday Today: Life in the Ozarks 2020
Yonder Mountain: An Ozarks Anthology 2013
You Are Here: Poems New & Old 2016

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