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Adelaide: a literary city OPEN ACCESS 2013
Australian Wage Policy: Infancy and Adolescence OPEN ACCESS 2013
Australia's Economy in its International Context: The Joseph Fisher Lectures, Volume 2: 1956-2012 OPEN ACCESS 2012
Australia's Economy in its International Context: The Joseph Fisher Lectures, Volume I: 1904-1954 OPEN ACCESS 2009
Behind the Scenes: The politics of planning Adelaide OPEN ACCESS 2012
Bridging Transcultural Divides: Asian Languages and Cultures in Global Higher Education OPEN ACCESS 2012
The Building of Economics at Adelaide: 1901-2001 OPEN ACCESS 2009
Changing the Victorian Subject OPEN ACCESS 2014
Clamor Schürmann’s Barngarla grammar: A commentary on the first section of A vocabulary of the Parnkalla language OPEN ACCESS 2015
Coastal Landscapes of South Australia OPEN ACCESS 2016
Coastal Management in Australia OPEN ACCESS 2010
Cyber-Nationalism in China: Challenging Western media portrayals of internet censorship in China OPEN ACCESS 2012
Cycling Futures OPEN ACCESS 2015
Dangerous Ideas: Women’s Liberation – Women’s Studies – Around the World OPEN ACCESS 2014
Digital Identity: An Emergent Legal Concept OPEN ACCESS 2011
Discovery and Empire: the French in the South Seas OPEN ACCESS 2013
The Economics of Quarantine and the SPS Agreement OPEN ACCESS 2001
Emotions, Senses, Spaces: Ethnographic Engagements and Intersections OPEN ACCESS 2016
Empire Girls: The colonial heroine comes of age OPEN ACCESS 2014
Engaging with Carol Bacchi: Strategic Interventions and Exchanges OPEN ACCESS 2012
Explorations and Encounters in French OPEN ACCESS 2010
Finishing Global Farm Trade Reform: Implications for developing countries OPEN ACCESS 2017
Framing French Culture OPEN ACCESS 2015
Freedom of Religion under Bills of Rights OPEN ACCESS 2012
Global wine markets, 1860 to 2016: A statistical compendium OPEN ACCESS 2017
Global Wine Markets: 1961 to 2009: a statistical compendium OPEN ACCESS 2011
Growth and Cycles in Australia’s Wine Industry: A Statistical Compendium, 1843 to 2013 OPEN ACCESS 2015
Heritage Politics in Adelaide OPEN ACCESS 2011
History of the Australian Vegetation: Cretaceous to Recent OPEN ACCESS 1994
A History of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Adelaide: 1876-2012 OPEN ACCESS 2012
A History of the Psychology Schools at Adelaide’s Universities OPEN ACCESS 2016
If I Say If: The Poems and Short Stories of Boris Vian OPEN ACCESS 2014
Ilm: Science, Religion and Art in Islam OPEN ACCESS 2019
Imagining Law: Essays in Conversation with Judith Gardam OPEN ACCESS 2016
Imagining the Future: Young Australians on sex, love and community OPEN ACCESS 2012
Indonesia in a Reforming World Economy: Effects on Agriculture, Trade and the Environment OPEN ACCESS 2009
Integrating Innovation: South Australian Entrepreneurship Systems and Strategies OPEN ACCESS 2015
Law as Change: Engaging with the Life and Scholarship of Adrian Bradbrook OPEN ACCESS 2014
Magnesium in the Central Nervous System OPEN ACCESS 2011
Mainstreaming Politics: Gendering Practices and Feminist Theory OPEN ACCESS 2010
Making Publics, Making Places OPEN ACCESS 2016
Mallarmé devant ses contemporains OPEN ACCESS 2011
Mechanisms of Vascular Disease: A Reference Book for Vascular Specialists OPEN ACCESS 2011
Navigating the Kingdom of Night OPEN ACCESS 2013
New Directions in Dental Anthropology: Paradigms, methodologies and outcomes OPEN ACCESS 2012
Oral Health in South Australia: 2008 — ARCPOH Population Oral Health Series No. 8 OPEN ACCESS 2010
Oral health of Australian children: The National Child Oral Health Study 2012–14 OPEN ACCESS 2016
Potential Benefits of an Australia-EU Free Trade Agreement: Key Issues and Options OPEN ACCESS 2018
The Practice of Sheep Veterinary Medicine OPEN ACCESS 2018
Publishing Research in English as an Additional Language: Practices, Pathways and Potentials OPEN ACCESS 2017
Reforming Trade Policy in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands OPEN ACCESS 2000
SIDS Sudden infant and early childhood death: The past, the present and the future OPEN ACCESS 2018
Six Eclogues from William Barnes's Poems of Rural Life in the Dorset Dialect: (First Collection, 1844) OPEN ACCESS 2011
Small-signal stability, control and dynamic performance of power systems OPEN ACCESS 2015
The Sound of William Barnes's Dialect Poems: 1. Poems of Rural Life in the Dorset Dialect, first collection (1844) OPEN ACCESS 2013
The Sound of William Barnes's Dialect Poems: 2. Poems of Rural Life in the Dorset Dialect, second collection (1859) OPEN ACCESS 2017
The Sound of William Barnes's Dialect Poems: 3. Poems of Rural Life in the Dorset Dialect, third collection (1862) OPEN ACCESS 2017
Sugar, Steam and Steel: The Industrial Project in Colonial Java, 1830-1885 OPEN ACCESS 2014
Tilting at Windmills: the literary magazine in Australia, 1968-2012 OPEN ACCESS 2015
Tracing the Melanesian Person: Emotions and Relationships in Lihir OPEN ACCESS 2013
Twin Studies: Research in Genes, Teeth and Faces OPEN ACCESS 2015
Unbridling the Tongues of Women: A biography of Catherine Helen Spence OPEN ACCESS 2010
Universities in Transition: Foregrounding Social Contexts of Knowledge in the First Year Experience OPEN ACCESS 2014
The Wages Crisis in Australia: What it is and what to do about it OPEN ACCESS 2018
Warraparna Kaurna!: Reclaiming an Australian language OPEN ACCESS 2016
Which Winegrape Varieties are Grown Where?: a global empirical picture OPEN ACCESS 2013
Whose History?: Engaging History Students through Historical Fiction OPEN ACCESS 2013
Worrorra: a language of the north-west Kimberley coast OPEN ACCESS 2014
Yuendumu: legacy of a longitudinal growth study in Central Australia OPEN ACCESS 2011