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The Third Way is a public policy and advocacy organization with the mission to create and promote transformational centrist ideas. In a time of polarization and populism, Americans deserve better than what they often get from the extremes. And American prosperity and security depend on solutions that are not defined by ideological orthodoxy or narrow interests.Third Way’s agenda: economic growth and opportunity, progress on social issues, deep decarbonization to battle climate change, an approach to national security that is both tough and smart, and electoral reforms that empower the middle. Third Way aims to influence major policy and political debates, and it does that by running advocacy campaigns that combine deeply researched policy with incisive political analysis.
Research Reports in JSTOR from Third Way
142 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
10 Reckless Donald Trump Statements on Terrorism and National Security 2016
14 Things You Might Not Know About Obamacare 2017
2018 Country Brief:: Russia 2018
2018 Country Brief:: Iran 2018
2018 Country Brief:: North Korea 2018
2019 World Leaders:: A Pronunciation Guide 2019
2020 Country Brief:: Afghanistan 2020
2020 Country Brief:: Saudi Arabia and its role in Yemen 2020
2020 Country Brief:: Iran 2020
2020 Country Brief:: North Korea 2020
2020 Country Brief:: Russia 2020
2020 Country Brief:: China 2020
2020 Reader’s Guide to Understanding the US Cyber Enforcement Architecture and Budget 2020
2020 Thematic Brief:: US Cybersecurity Efforts 2020
2020 Thematic Brief:: Trump Investigations 2020
2020 Thematic Brief:: COVID-19 and Global Health Security 2020
2020 Thematic Brief:: Preventing and Countering Terrorism 2020
2020 World Leaders:: A Pronunciation Guide 2020
7 Inconvenient Truths About Single Payer 2019
Afghanistan:: Understanding the Post-Karzai Partnership 2015
Afghanistan:: Understanding the Administration’s Transition Strategy 2013
Afghanistan Status:: Summer 2013 2013
America’s Goldilocks Moment in the Fight Against al Qaeda 2013
Armaments Against ISIS 2016
Attacks on American Diplomatic Facilities Since 2001 2013
Brexit Primer 2016
Can You Keep Your Doctor Under Single Payer? 2019
China Country Brief 2013
Clearing a Regulatory Path for Value-Based Health Care 2018
Confronting the Terror Threat at the Olympics 2014
Congress Should Lay Out the Welcome Mat for Whistleblowers 2018
Congress's Role in Verification After an Iranian Nuclear Deal 2015
CoronaCare for Everyone:: A Comprehensive Plan to Rescue Health Care 2020
A Cost Cap for Medicare Beneficiaries 2019
A Cost Cap for Nearly 7 Million Medicare Beneficiaries 2019
Cost Caps and Coverage for All:: How to Make Health Care Universally Affordable 2019
Countering the Cyber Enforcement Gap:: Strengthening Global Capacity on Cybercrime 2019
Country Brief:: Afghanistan 2019
Country Brief:: North Korea 2016
Country Brief:: Russia 2019
Country Brief:: Iraq and Syria 2016
Country Brief:: North Korea 2019
Country Brief:: Russia 2016
Country Brief:: Venezuela 2019
Country Brief:: Iran 2019
Country Brief:: Libya 2016
Country Brief:: China 2019
Country Brief:: Saudi Arabia and its role in Yemen 2019
Creating a Comprehensive Strategy to Support Family Caregivers 2017
Cyber Enforcement in Four Key States 2019
Debunking the Uranium One "Scandal" 2017
Developing a Value-based Approach to Pay for Biosimilars 2016
Egypt Aid:: Don’t Be Rash 2013
Egypt Country Brief 2013
Equitable and Efficient Distribution of a COVID-19 Vaccine 2020
Executive Summary:: Cost Caps and Coverage for All 2019
Executive Summary:: Clearing a Regulatory Path for Value-Based Health Care 2018
Family Caregivers Deserve a Tax Credit 2017
Fighting Global Terrorism 2013
The Financial Case for the Unconventional Disarmament of Syria 2013
Five Years Since the bin Laden Raid 2016
Getting in Top National Security Shape 2017
GOP’s Waterloo?:: 10 Consequences from Repealing the ACA 2017
Guide to the United States Armed Forces 2019
How Laid-off and Furloughed Employees Can Keep Their Health Coverage 2020
How Many Ransomware Attacks Have Happened in Your District? 2020
How to Enact Bipartisan Fixes to the Affordable Care Act 2017
How to Make Life Better for People with Kidney Disease 2016
How to Respond to the Paris Attacks and Syrian Refugees 2015
How to Talk About Syria (Today) 2013
The Impact of House GOP Health Care Efforts on Trump Voters 2017
International Terrorist Groups 2013
The Iran Agreement is Working, But Congress Has More to Do 2016
The Iran Deal:: Understanding the Ambiguities 2015
It’s Time to Strengthen the Food Safety Net 2020
JCPOA:: Evaluating Issues Since Implementation 2016
The Last Straw:: Responding to Russia’s Anti-Western Aggression 2017
Libya Country Brief 2013
Local Examples:: Comprehensive Care for People with End-Stage Renal Disease 2016
Looking Out for U.S. Economic Interests in Intelligence Oversight 2016
Making the Case:: The President’s Budget is a Step in the Right Direction 2014
Making the Case:: Congress Should Pass New Authorization for Use of Force Against ISIS 2014
Making the Case:: What is America’s Best Bad Option in Syria? 2014
Making the Case:: Dismissing the Major Critiques of Syria’s Chemical Weapons Destruction 2014
Making the Case:: North Korea's Nuclear and Missile Efforts 2013
Making the Case:: Why We Should Try Terrorists in Federal Courts 2013
Making the Case:: Think Twice Before Punishing Egypt 2013
Making the Case:: Stopping Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program 2013
Making the Case:: How Obama’s Defense Budget Strengthens Security 2013
Making the Case:: How to Respond to Critics on the Boston Marathon Bombings 2014
Making the Case:: The F-35 is the Future, Not the Present, of U.S. Fighter Aircraft 2014
The Medicare Savings Program Expansion Provision in H.R. 3 Could Provide a Cost Cap for More than 3.5 Million Beneficiaries 2019
The Need for Better Metrics on Cybercrime 2019
Next Steps to Combat Star Creep:: The Costs of a Top Heavy Military 2014
Operation Certification—How to Help Vets Succeed in the New Economy 2016
The Plan to Combat Terrorism 2016
The President’s 2016 Defense Budget 2015
The President's 2017 Defense Budget 2016
Public Opinion and Narrowing the Security Gap in 2016 2016
Questions for Jeff Sessions, Nominee to be Attorney General 2017
Questions for John Kelly, Nominee for Secretary of Homeland Security 2017
Questions for Mike Pompeo, Nominee to be CIA Director 2017
Questions for Rex Tillerson, Nominee for Secretary of State 2017
Reader’s Guide to Understanding the US Cyber Enforcement Architecture and Budget 2019
Repair & Debate:: How to Stabilize Obamacare Right Now 2017
Responding to Crisis in Ukraine 2014
Responding to the Critics of the Interim Iranian Nuclear Agreement 2013
Restoring Trust between U.S. Companies and Their Government on Surveillance Issues 2015
Rising DOD Health Care Costs Threaten National Security 2013
The Risks of Single Payer 2019
Single-Payer Health Care:: A Tale of 3 States 2019
State Polls Show Medicare for All Could Cost Democrats the Blue Wall in 2020 2020
Statement for the Record: Beyond Privacy & Security:: The Role of the Telecommunications Industry in Electronic and Surveillance 2016
Surveillance and Encryption 2016
Syria “Red Line” Chronology 2013
Taking Action on Cyber Enforcement:: Assessing US Legislative Progress in the 115th Congress 2019
Talking Points for the Top National Security Issues 2016
Talking Points for the Top National Security Issues of 2018 2018
Talking Points for the Top National Security Issues of 2020 2020
Ten Ways that Graham-Cassidy Guts Health Care Protections 2017
Terrorist Leaders Taken Out Under Obama 2016
Thematic Brief:: The Department of Defense Budget and Oversight 2019
Thematic Brief:: US Cybersecurity Efforts 2019
Thematic Brief:: Preventing and Countering Terrorism 2019
Think You Can Do Better?: The Obamacare Standard 2017
Third Way Health Care Poll:: It’s About Cost 2019
To Catch a Hacker:: Toward a comprehensive strategy to identify, pursue, and punish malicious cyber actors 2018
Uncovering the Paradox of National Security Public Opinion 2015
Understanding the Bergdahl Prisoner Exchange 2014
Understanding the Terrorism Threat 2016
Understanding the Vulnerabilities of Single Payer 2019
US Global Cybercrime Cooperation:: A Brief Explainer 2020
Weakened Encryption:: The Threat to America’s National Security 2020
What Could Happen to Reproductive Health Care Under Single Payer? 2019
What Democrats Must Do To Win Back National Security Voters in 2016 2016
What to Do on Health Care? 2019
What You Need to Know About Negotiations with North Korea 2018
Where Are We Now?: Examining the Trump Administration’s Efforts to Combat Cybercrime 2020
Why Electronic Surveillance Reform is Necessary 2017
Winning on Health Care 2018