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22 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Anonymous Agencies, Backstreet Businesses, and Covert Collectives: Rethinking Organizations in the 21st Century 2013
Beyond Technonationalism: Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Asia 2019
Can Green Sustain Growth?: From the Religion to the Reality of Sustainable Prosperity 2014
Community at Risk: Biodefense and the Collective Search for Security 2015
Creating New Knowledge in Management: Appropriating the Field’s Lost Foundations 2012
Culture and Commerce: The Value of Entrepreneurship in Creative Industries 2017
Culture and Management in the Americas 2009
Epinets: The Epistemic Structure and Dynamics of Social Networks 2014
The Evaluation Society 2012
The Evolution of a New Industry: A Genealogical Approach 2013
The Fountain of Knowledge: The Role of Universities in Economic Development 2014
Getting New Things Done: Networks, Brokerage, and the Assembly of Innovative Action 2017
Inside Man: The Discipline of Modeling Human Ways of Being 2011
Learning From the Global Financial Crisis: Creatively, Reliably, and Sustainably 2012
Multinational Corporations and Global Justice: Human Rights Obligations of a Quasi-Governmental Institution 2009
Organizing for Reliability: A Guide for Research and Practice 2018
Public No More: A New Path to Excellence for America’s Public Universities 2012
Reliability and Risk: The Challenge of Managing Interconnected Infrastructures 2016
The Rise and Fall of Urban Economies: Lessons from San Francisco and Los Angeles 2015
The Roots, Rituals, and Rhetorics of Change: North American Business Schools After the Second World War 2011
The Sincerity Edge: How Ethical Leaders Build Dynamic Businesses 2017
Technology Change and the Rise of New Industries 2013