Instituto de Estudios Avanzados en Desarrollo (INESAD)

Research Reports in JSTOR from Instituto de Estudios Avanzados en Desarrollo (INESAD)
55 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
An agriculture-focused, regionally disaggregated SAM for Mexico 2008 2015
Análisis de la Desigualdad de Largo Plazo en Bolivia 1976-2012 2018
An Analysis of Firm Characteristics as Earnings Determinants:: The Urban Bolivia Case 2016
Analysis of International Migration and its Impacts on Developing Countries 2007
The Biological Standard of Living in Urban Bolivia, 1880s–1920s:: Stagnation and Persistent Inequality 2019
The Bounty of the Sea and Long-Run Development 2015
Coworking Spaces in La Paz, Bolivia:: Urban Effects and Potential Creation of New Opportunities for Local Economic Development 2019
?Cuán importante es el empleo exportador en Bolivia? 2019
Decentralization and Poverty Reduction in Bolivia:: Challenges and Opportunities 2016
Descentralización en Bolivia:: Eficacia y Externalidades 2018
Disparidades Geográficas vs Disparidades en Habilidades de Mujeres Casadas en Ciudades Latinoamericanas:: Un Modelo Teórico 2019
Doing Business in Bolivia:: a case study in the Andean regulatory framework 2020
The drivers, causes and actors of deforestation in Bolivia 2013
Effects of the Global Financial and Economic Crisis on the Bolivian Economy:: A CGE Approach 2010
El Progreso Social en Bolivia:: Un Análisis Departamental 2019
Emisiones Netas de Carbono Provenientes de la Deforestación en Bolivia durante 1990-2000 y 2000-2010:: Resultados de un modelo de “Contabilidad de Carbono” 2016
Environmental and socio-economic consequences of forest carbon payments in Bolivia:: Results of the OSIRIS-Bolivia model 2012
?Estamos preparados para afrontar inundaciones?: Experiencias de tres países latinoamericanos 2016
An Experimental Game on Entrepreneurship and Labour Protection Policy 2015
The factors and strategies that determine vulnerability and resilience 2014
Fluctuaciones Cíclicas y Cambios de Régimen en la Economía Boliviana:: Un Análisis Estructural a partir de un Modelo DSGE 2018
Fortalecimiento institucional y expansión del crédito mediante el uso de TICs en Entidades Financieras Comunales en Bolivia 2018
Gender and Climate Change in Latin America:: An analysis of vulnerability, adaptation and resilience based on household surveys 2014
Gender, Ethnicity and Climate Change in Mexico:: An analysis of vulnerability and resilience based on household surveys 2014
Geographical Constraints to Growth in Bolivia 2007
Growth and Banking Structure in a Partially Dollarized Economy 2007
How Best to Use the Extraordinary Natural Gas Revenues in Bolivia?: Results from a Computable General Equilibrium Model 2006
The Impact of Community-Based EcoTourism Projects in Amboró National Park 2008
Impact of natural disaster on public sector corruption 2013
Insights from Bolivia’s Green National Accounts 2012
Insights from Bolivia’s Green National Accounts 2010
Las Características y el Desarrollo de la Economía Popular Un Modelo Formal con Evidencia Etnográfica 2018
Macroeconomic and Welfare Effects of Public Infrastructure Investment in Five Latin American Countries 2007
A Measurement of the Carbon Sequestration Potential of Guadua Angustifolia in the Carrasco National Park, Bolivia 2013
Misallocation and Manufacturing TFP in the Market Liberalization Period of Bolivia 2009
Modeling Amazon Deforestation for Policy Purposes 2006
Natural Gas and Inequality in Bolivia after Nationalization 2006
Natural gas pricing GSA Bolivia — Brazil using virtual hub and expected monetary value instruments 2019
Problematizing the Effect of Rural-Urban Linkages on Food Security and Malnutrition in Guatemala’s Western Highlands 2013
Public Expenditure Policy in Bolivia:: Growth and Welfare 2010
Regional development, income distribution and gender in Bolivia:: Insights from a 2012 Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) and Multiplier Analysis 2015
Rent-seeking en un Entorno de Alta Dependencia de Recursos Naturales:: El caso de Bolivia 2018
The Role of the Natural Resource Curse in Preventing Development in Politically Unstable Countries:: Case Studies of Angola and Bolivia 2007
Setting an example?: Spillover effects of Peruvian Magnet Schools 2019
Situación Productiva y Laboral de Oruro 2017
Social Impacts of Climate Change in Brazil:: A municipal level analysis of the effects of recent and future climate change on income, health and inequality 2010
Social Impacts of Climate Change in Mexico:: A municipality level analysis of the effects of recent and future climate change on human development and inequality 2010
Technological Progress and Productivity in the Quinoa Sector 2009
Theory, History and Evidence of Economic Convergence in Latin America 2007
Towards a More Employment-Intensive and Pro-Poor Economic Growth in Bolivia 2006
Un Juego Experimental sobre Emprendedurismo y Políticas de Protección Laboral 2015
The Value of Water in Bolivia:: An Economic Resource or a Human Right? 2010
A Vulnerability Research Framework for the Development of Early Warning Systems for Floods 2017