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The University of Arizona Press (UA Press) is the premier publisher of academic, regional, and literary works in the state of Arizona. They disseminate ideas and knowledge of lasting value that enrich understanding, inspire curiosity, and enlighten readers.

Founded in 1959 as a department of the University of Arizona, The UA Press is a nonprofit publisher of scholarly and regional books. As a delegate of the University of Arizona to the larger world, the Press publishes the work of scholars wherever they may be, concentrating upon scholarship that reflects the special strengths of the University of Arizona, Arizona State University, and Northern Arizona University.

The UA Press publishes about fifty-five books annually and has more than 1,000 books in print. These include scholarly titles in American Indian studies, anthropology, archaeology, environmental studies, geography, Chicano studies, history, Latin American studies, and the space sciences. The UA Press also publishes general interest books on Arizona and the Southwest borderlands. In addition, it publishes books of personal essays.

Books in JSTOR from University of Arizona Press
678 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Aconcagua: The Invention of Mountaineering on America’s Highest Peak 2011
Across a Great Divide: Continuity and Change in Native North American Societies, 1400-1900 2010
Activist Biology: The National Museum, Politics, and Nation Building in Brazil 2016
The Affinity of the Eye: Writing Nikkei in Peru 2013
After Collapse: The Regeneration of Complex Societies 2006
After the Wildfire: Ten Years of Recovery from the Willow Fire 2017
Agrarian Revolt in the Sierra of Chihuahua, 1959–1965 2019
Alcohol in Latin America: A Social and Cultural History 2014
All They Will Call You 2017
Along These Highways 2012
Alternative Leadership Strategies in the Prehispanic Southwest 2000
Ambitious Rebels: Remaking Honor, Law, and Liberalism in Venezuela, 1780-1850 2013
The American Café 2011
American Indian Medicine Ways: Spiritual Power, Prophets, and Healing 2017
American Indians and National Forests 2016
America’s Early Whalemen: Indian Shore Whalers on Long Island, 1650–1750 2018
Ameriscopia 2014
Anadarko: A Kiowa Country Mystery 2015
Ancestral Hopi Migrations 2003
The Ancient Maya Marketplace: The Archaeology of Transient Space 2015
Ancient Paquimé and the Casas Grandes World 2015
Ancient Plants and People: Contemporary Trends in Archaeobotany 2014
Angela Hutchinson Hammer: Arizona's Pioneer Newspaperwoman 2005
An Anthropologist’s Arrival: A Memoir 2014
Apache Indian Baskets 1982
Archaeology and Apprenticeship: Body Knowledge, Identity, and Communities of Practice 2012
Archaeology at El Perú-Waka’: Ancient Maya Performances of Ritual, Memory, and Power 2014
The Archaeology of Kinship: Advancing Interpretation and Contributions to Theory 2013
Arizona: A History, Revised Edition 2012
The Arizona Diary of Lily Frémont, 1878–1881 1997
Arizona Politicians: The Noble and the Notorious 2002
Asegi Stories: Cherokee Queer and Two-Spirit Memory 2016
Asteroids IV 2015
At the Border of Empires: The Tohono O'odham, Gender, and Assimilation, 1880-1934 2013
Athapaskan Migrations: The Archaeology of Eagle Lake, British Columbia 2007
Aurum: Poems 2019
The Aztecs at Independence: Nahua Culture Makers in Central Mexico, 1799–1832 2016
Aztlán Arizona: Mexican American Educational Empowerment, 1968–1978 2014
Baja California Missions: In the Footsteps of the Padres 2013
Barrio Dreams: Selected Plays 2016
Barry Goldwater and the Remaking of the American Political Landscape 2013
Basket Weavers for the California Curio Trade: Elizabeth and Louise Hickox 1997
Battle Against Extinction: Native Fish Management in the American West 1991
A Beautiful, Cruel Country 1987
Becoming Brothertown: Native American Ethnogenesis and Endurance in the Modern World 2013
Bedouin Ethnobotany: Plant Concepts and Uses in a Desert Pastoral World 2011
Before Kukulkán: Bioarchaeology of Maya Life, Death, and Identity at Classic Period Yaxuná 2017
Behind the Mask: Gender Hybridity in a Zapotec Community 2017
Beliefs and Holy Places: A Spiritual Geography of the Pimería Alta 1992
Beloved Land: An Oral History of Mexican Americans in Southern Arizona 2004
Betrayal at the Buffalo Ranch 2018
Between the Andes and the Amazon: Language and Social Meaning in Bolivia 2018
Between Two Fires: A Fire History of Contemporary America 2015
Beyond Alterity: Destabilizing the Indigenous Other in Mexico 2018
Beyond Chaco: Great Kiva Communities on the Mogollon Rim Frontier 2001
Beyond Desert Walls: Essays from Prison 2005
Beyond Germs: Native Depopulation in North America 2015
Beyond Indigeneity: Coca Growing and the Emergence of a New Middle Class in Bolivia 2016
Beyond the Page: Poetry and Performance in Spanish America 2014
Big Water: The Making of the Borderlands Between Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay 2018
Binational Commons: Institutional Development and Governance on the U.S.-Mexico Border 2020
Biography of a Hacienda: Work and Revolution in Rural Mexico 2014
Bisbee '17 1979
Bitter Water: Diné Oral Histories of the Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute 2011
Black Girl Magic Beyond the Hashtag: Twenty-First-Century Acts of Self-Definition 2019
Blonde Indian: An Alaska Native Memoir 2006
Blood and Voice: Navajo Women Ceremonial Practitioners 2007
Bloodsucking Witchcraft: An Epistemological Study of Anthropomorphic Supernaturalism in Rural Tlaxcala 1993
Blue Desert 2018
Bodies at War: Genealogies of Militarism in Chicana Literature and Culture 2017
The Body as Capital: Masculinities in Contemporary Latin American Fiction 2015
The Book of Want: A Novel 2011
Border Brokers: Children of Mexican Immigrants Navigating U.S. Society, Laws, and Politics 2019
Border Oasis: Water and the Political Ecology of the Colorado River Delta, 1940–1975 2003
Border Spaces: Visualizing the U.S.-Mexico Frontera 2018
Border-Crosser with a Lamborghini Dream 1999
Borderman: Memoirs of Federico José María Ronstadt 2003
The Borders of Inequality: Where Wealth and Poverty Collide 2011
Born a Chief: The Nineteenth Century Hopi Boyhood of Edmund Nequatewa, as told to Alfred F. Whiting OPEN ACCESS 1993
Born of Resistance: Cara a Cara Encounters with Chicana/o Visual Culture 2015
Brazil's Long Revolution: Radical Achievements of the Landless Workers Movement 2018
Breaking Into the Current: Boatwomen of the Grand Canyon 1994
Brewing Arizona: A Century of Beer in the Grand Canyon State 2013
Bright Raft in the Afterweather: Poems 2018
Bring Down the Little Birds: On Mothering, Art, Work, and Everything Else 2010
Broken Souths: Latina/o Poetic Responses to Neoliberalism and Globalization 2013
Brother Bullet: Poems 2019
Brushed by Cedar, Living by the River: Coast Salish Figures of Power 1999
Buried in Shades of Night: Contested Voices, Indian Captivity, and the Legacy of King Philip's War 2013
Burntwater 1997
Burton Barr: Political Leadership and the Transformation of Arizona 2014
Butterfly Moon: Short Stories 2012
Buzzing Hemisphere / Rumor Hemisférico 2015
Calexico: True Lives of the Borderlands 2011
California: A Fire Survey 2016
Call Him Mac: Ernest W. McFarland, the Arizona Years 2018
Calling the Soul Back: Embodied Spirituality in Chicanx Narrative 2019
Canto hondo / Deep Song 2015
Canyon de Chelly: Its People and Rock Art 1978
Canyon 1992
Capture These Indians for the Lord: Indians, Methodists, and Oklahomans, 1844-1939 2014
Capturing the Landscape of New Spain: Baltasar Obregón and the 1564 Ibarra Expedition 2015
Cell Traffic: New and Selected Poems 2012
Celluloid Pueblo: Western Ways Films and the Invention of the Postwar Southwest 2016
Centuries of Decline during the Hohokam Classic Period at Pueblo Grande 2003
Ceramic Commodities and Common Containers: The Production and Distribution of White Mountain Red Ware in the Grasshopper Region, Arizona 1997
Ceramic Sequence in Colima: Capacha, an Early Phase 1980
The Ceramic Sequence of the Holmul Region, Guatemala 2016
Ceramics and Community Organization among the Hohokam 2000
Chaco and After in the Northern San Juan: Excavations at the Bluff Great House 2009
Chaco Revisited: New Research on the Prehistory of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico 2015
Challenging Colonial Narratives: Nineteenth-Century Great Lakes Archaeology 2019
Chasing Arizona: One Man’s Yearlong Obsession with the Grand Canyon State 2015
Chicana and Chicano Mental Health: Alma, Mente y Corazón 2013
The Chicana Motherwork Anthology 2019
Chicano Communists and the Struggle for Social Justice 2019
Chicano Studies: The Genesis of a Discipline 2009
The Chicanos: As We See Ourselves OPEN ACCESS 1979
The Chinese in Mexico, 1882-1940 2010
The Chinese of Early Tucson: Historic Archaeology from the Tucson Urban Renewal Project 1989
Chiricahua Mountains: Bridging the Borders of Wildness 2003
Ciudad Juárez: Saga of a Legendary Border City 2018
Claiming Home, Shaping Community: Testimonios de los valles 2017
Classic Maya Provincial Politics: Xunantunich and Its Hinterlands 2010
Coastal Lives: Nature, Capital, and the Struggle for Artisanal Fisheries in Peru 2019
Coconut Milk 2013
Colonial Cataclysms: Climate, Landscape, and Memory in Mexico’s Little Ice Age 2020
Colonial Itineraries of Contemporary Mexico: Literary and Cultural Inquiries 2014
Colonial Legacies in Chicana/o Literature and Culture: Looking Through the Kaleidoscope 2020
Coloniality of the US/Mexico Border: Power, Violence, and the Decolonial Imperative 2018
The Colorado Plateau VI: Science and Management at the Landscape Scale 2015
A Common Humanity: Ritual, Religion, and Immigrant Advocacy in Tucson, Arizona 2011
Communities of Practice: An Alaskan Native Model for Language Teaching and Learning 2013
Community-Based Participatory Research: Testimonios from Chicana/o Studies 2019
Comparative Climatology of Terrestrial Planets 2013
Complex Communities: The Archaeology of Early Iron Age West-Central Jordan 2013
Connected Communities: Networks, Identity, and Social Change in the Ancient Cibola World 2018
Conservation Biology and Applied Zooarchaeology 2012
Constructing Community: The Archaeology of Early Villages in Central New Mexico 2014
The Continuous Path: Pueblo Movement and the Archaeology of Becoming 2019
Cooperatives, Grassroots Development, and Social Change: Experiences from Rural Latin America 2017
Corpse Whale 2012
Cosmic Winds and the Heliosphere 1997
Crafting History in the Northern Plains: A Political Economy of the Heart River Region, 1400–1750 2013
Crafting Identity: Transnational Indian Arts and the Politics of Race in Central Mexico 2015
Crafting Wounaan Landscapes: Identity, Art, and Environmental Governance in Panama’s Darién 2017
Creating Aztlán: Chicano Art, Indigenous Sovereignty, and Lowriding Across Turtle Island 2014
Crime and Social Justice in Indian Country 2018
Crosscurrents Along the Colorado: The Impact of Government Policy on the Quechan Indians OPEN ACCESS 1981
Crossing with the Virgin: Stories from the Migrant Trail 2010
Crow-Omaha: New Light on a Classic Problem of Kinship Analysis 2012
Cuba, Hot and Cold 2017
Cultivating Knowledge: Biotechnology, Sustainability, and the Human Cost of Cotton Capitalism in India 2019
Cycles of Conquest: The Impact of Spain, Mexico, and the United States on Indians of the Southwest, 1533-1960 1962
Cycles of Conquest: The Impact of Spain, Mexico, and the United States on the Indians of the Southwest, 1533–1960 OPEN ACCESS 1962
The Darling 2015
The Davis Ranch Site: A Kayenta Immigrant Enclave in Southeastern Arizona 2019
Days of Plenty, Days of Want 1988
Death and Dying in Colonial Spanish America 2011
Debating American Identity: Southwestern Statehood and Mexican Immigration 2014
Deception on All Accounts 2003
Decolonizing Indigenous Histories: Exploring Prehistoric/Colonial Transitions in Archaeology 2012
Decolonizing Latinx Masculinities 2020
Deliberate Acts: Changing Hopi Culture Through the Oraibi Split OPEN ACCESS 1988
Demigods on Speedway 2014
A Desert Feast: Celebrating Tucson's Culinary Heritage 2020
The Desert Gardener's Calendar: Your Month-by-Month Guide 1999
Desert Landscaping: How to Start and Maintain a Healthy Landscape in the Southwest 1992
Detours: Travel and the Ethics of Research in the Global South 2019
A Diné History of Navajoland 2019
Diné Identity in a Twenty-First-Century World 2020
Diné Perspectives: Revitalizing and Reclaiming Navajo Thought 2014
Dining at the Lineman's Shack 2003
Discovering Paquimé 2016
Discovering Pluto: Exploration at the Edge of the Solar System 2018
Discovering the Desert: The Legacy of the Carnegie Desert Botanical Laboratory 1981
Dispatches from the Fort Apache Scout: White Mountain and Cibecue Apache History Through 1881 2016
Divided Peoples: Policy, Activism, and Indigenous Identities on the U.S.-Mexico Border 2019
Divided Waters: Bridging the U.S.-Mexico Border 1995
Dodger Blue Will Fill Your Soul 2016
Doing Good: Racial Tensions and Workplace Inequalities at a Community Clinic in El Nuevo South 2013
Doing What the Day Brought: An Oral History of Arizona Women 1992
Don't Let the Sun Step Over You: A White Mountain Apache Family Life, 1860-1975 2004
Doubters and Dreamers 2011
Downcanyon: A Naturalist Explores the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon 1995
Dragons in the Land of the Condor: Writing Tusán in Peru 2014
Dry River: Stories of Life, Death, and Redemption on the Santa Cruz 2011
Dude Lit: Mexican Men Writing and Performing Competence, 1955–2012 2019
Dune Country: A Naturalist's Look at the Plant Life of Southwestern Sand Dunes 1986
Earth and Mars: A Reflection 2015
Eating the Landscape: American Indian Stories of Food, Identity, and Resilience 2012
The Ecolaboratory: Environmental Governance and Economic Development in Costa Rica 2020
The Ecological Other: Environmental Exclusion in American Culture 2013
Educating Across Borders: The Case of a Dual Language Program on the U.S.-Mexico Border 2018
El Milagro and Other Stories 1996
The El Mozote Massacre: Human Rights and Global Implications Revised and Expanded Edition 2016
Empire 2011
Encantado: Desert Monologues 2018
Enceladus and the Icy Moons of Saturn 2018
Encountering Life in the Universe: Ethical Foundations and Social Implications of Astrobiology 2013
The Encyclopedia of Native Music: More Than a Century of Recordings from Wax Cylinder to the Internet 2005
Engendering Households in the Prehistoric Southwest 2010
Europa 2009
Excavations at Punta de Agua in the Santa Cruz River Basin, Southeastern Arizona 1975
Exoplanets 2010
Expanding the View of Hohokam Platform Mounds: An Ethnographic Perspective 1998
Exploring Mars: Chronicles from a Decade of Discovery 2011
Farmers, Hunters, and Colonists: Interaction Between the Southwest and the Southern Plains OPEN ACCESS 1991
Fear Falls Away and other Essays from Hard and Rocky Places: and Other Essays from Hard and Rocky Places 1997
Fernando de Alva Ixtlilxochitl and His Legacy 2016
Field Man: Life as a Desert Archaeologist 2011
Fighting for Andean Resources: Extractive Industries, Cultural Politics, and Environmental Struggles in Peru 2020
Fighting Sprawl and City Hall: Resistance to Urban Growth in the Southwest 1995
Finding Meaning: Kaona and Contemporary Hawaiian Literature 2016
Flamenco Hips and Red Mud Feet 2010
Fleshing the Spirit: Spirituality and Activism in Chicana, Latina, and Indigenous Women’s Lives 2014
Florida: A Fire Survey 2016
Fluid Arguments: Five Centuries of Western Water Conflict 2001
Folk Mammalogy of the Northern Pimans 1998
Food Fight!: Millennial Mestizaje Meets the Culinary Marketplace 2019
Food Systems in an Unequal World: Pesticides, Vegetables, and Agrarian Capitalism in Costa Rica 2014
Footprints of Hopi History: Hopihiniwtiput Kukveni'at 2018
For All of Humanity: Mesoamerican and Colonial Medicine in Enlightenment Guatemala 2015
For Tranquility and Order: Family and Community on Mexico's Northern Frontier, 1800-1850 2010
Forced Marches: Soldiers and Military Caciques in Modern Mexico 2012
Foreign Objects: Rethinking Indigenous Consumption in American Archaeology 2017
Forests under Fire: A Century of Ecosystem Mismanagement in the Southwest 2001
Forging Communities in Colonial Alta California 2018
Forging the Copper Collar: Arizona's Labor-Management War of 1901–1921 1982
The Fornes Frame: Contemporary Latina Playwrights and the Legacy of Maria Irene Fornes 2016
Foundational Arts: Mural Painting and Missionary Theater in New Spain 2013
Friars, Soldiers, and Reformers: Hispanic Arizona and the Sonora Mission Frontier, 1767-1856 1976
Frog Mountain Blues 2018
From Enron to Evo: Pipeline Politics, Global Environmentalism, and Indigenous Rights in Bolivia 2013
From This Wicked Patch of Dust 2011
From Tribute to Communal Sovereignty: The Tarascan and Caxcan Territories in Transition 2015
A Frontier Documentary: Sonora and Tucson, 1821-1848 1997
Full Foreground 2012
A Full Life in a Small Place and Other Essays from a Desert Garden 1993
Gateways to the Southwest: The Story of Arizona State Parks 2004
Gender and Sustainability: Lessons from Asia and Latin America 2012
Gender Violence at the U.S.--Mexico Border: Media Representation and Public Response 2010
Gendered Scenarios of Revolution: Making New Men and New Women in Nicaragua, 1975–2000 2012
George Hunt: Arizona's Crusading Seven-Term Governor 2015
Gerard P. Kuiper and the Rise of Modern Planetary Science 2019
Giraffe on Fire 2001
Girl of New Zealand: Colonial Optics in Aotearoa 2020
Global Health: Why Cultural Perceptions, Social Representations, and Biopolitics Matter 2008
Global Indigenous Health: Reconciling the Past, Engaging the Present, Animating the Future 2018
Global Maya: Work and Ideology in Rural Guatemala 2009
The Global Spanish Empire: Five Hundred Years of Place Making and Pluralism 2020
The Grand Canyon: Intimate Views 1992
Grand Canyon Place Names 1960
Grasshopper Pueblo: A Story of Archaeology and Ancient Life 1999
De Grazia: The Man and the Myths 2014
The Great Plains: A Fire Survey 2017
Grenville Goodwin Among the Western Apache: Letters from the Field OPEN ACCESS 1973
The Gulf of California: Biodiversity and Conservation 2010
Half of the World in Light: New and Selected Poems 2008
Hashknife Cowboy: Recollections of Mack Hughes 1984
Havana and Other Missing Fathers 2009
Havasupai Habitat: A. F. Whiting's Ethnography of a Traditional Indian Culture OPEN ACCESS 1985
Hecho a Mano: The Traditional Arts of Tucson's Mexican American Community 2000
Hegemonies of Language and Their Discontents: The Southwest North American Region Since 1540 2017
Hell of a Vision: Regionalism and the Modern American West 2012
Here and There: A Fire Survey 2018
High Country Summers: The Early Second Homes of Colorado, 1880–1940 2012
Hispanic Arizona, 1536-1856 1987
Historic Zuni Architecture and Society: An Archaeological Application of Space Syntax 1996
History Is in the Land: Multivocal Tribal Traditions in Arizona's San Pedro Valley 2006
Hogs, Mules, and Yellow Dogs: Growing Up on a Mississippi Subsistence Farm 2012
Homol'ovi: An Ancient Hopi Settlement Cluster 2002
Hopi Basket Weaving: Artistry in Natural Fibers 1996
Hopi Cookery 1980
Hopi Dwellings: Architectural Change at Orayvi 1999
Hopi Oral Tradition and the Archaeology of Identity 2005
Horsefly Dress: Poems 2020
How “Indians" Think: Colonial Indigenous Intellectuals and the Question of Critical Race Theory 2019
How Myth Became History: Texas Exceptionalism in the Borderlands 2016
Howling for Justice: New Perspectives on Leslie Marmon Silko’s Almanac of the Dead 2014
Huaorani Transformations in Twenty-First-Century Ecuador: Treks into the Future of Time 2016
Human Spaceflight: From Mars to the Stars 2015
I Don’t Cry, But I Remember: A Mexican Immigrant’s Story of Endurance 2012
Identity, Ritual, and Power in Colonial Puebla 2012
Ideologies in Archaeology 2011
Iep Jaltok: Poems from a Marshallese Daughter 2017
Images and Conversations: Mexican Americans Recall a Southwestern Past 1983
Images of Public Wealth or the Anatomy of Well-Being in Indigenous Amazonia 2015
Immigration Law and the U.S.–Mexico Border: ?Sí se puede? 2011
An Impossible Living in a Transborder World: Culture, Confianza, and Economy of Mexican-Origin Populations 2010
Imprints on Native Lands: The Miskito-Moravian Settlement Landscape in Honduras 2011
In a Desert Garden: Love and Death among the Insects 1997
In Defense of La Raza: The Los Angeles Mexican Consulate and the Mexican Community, 1929 to 1936 OPEN ACCESS 1982
In Divided Unity: Haudenosaunee Reclamation at Grand River 2016
In the Aftermath of Migration: Renegotiating Ancient Identity in Southeastern Arizona 2008
In the Days of Victorio: Recollections of a Warm Springs Apache 1970
In the Garden of the Bridehouse 2014
In the Shadow of Cortés: Conversations Along the Route of Conquest 2015
In the Smaller Scope of Conscience: The Struggle for National Repatriation Legislation, 1986–1990 2012
Indian and Nation in Revolutionary Mexico 2004
Indian Pilgrims: Indigenous Journeys of Activism and Healing with Saint Kateri Tekakwitha 2016
Indian Resilience and Rebuilding: Indigenous Nations in the Modern American West 2013
Indian Water in the New West OPEN ACCESS 1993
The Indians of Point of Pines, Arizona: A Comparative Study of Their Physical Characteristics 1973
Indigenous Agency in the Amazon: The Mojos in Liberal and Rubber-Boom Bolivia, 1842–1932 2013
Indigenous Environmental Justice 2020
Indigenous Interfaces: Spaces, Technology, and Social Networks in Mexico and Central America 2019
Indigenous Landscapes and Spanish Missions: New Perspectives from Archaeology and Ethnohistory 2014
Indigenous Peoples, National Parks, and Protected Areas: A New Paradigm Linking Conservation, Culture, and Rights 2014
Indigenous Pop: Native American Music from Jazz to Hip Hop 2016
Indigenous Revolution in Ecuador and Bolivia, 1990–2005 2020
Indigenous Writings from the Convent: Negotiating Ethnic Autonomy in Colonial Mexico 2010
Innocent Until Interrogated: The True Story of the Buddhist Temple Massacre and the Tucson Four 2010
Instruments of the True Measure: Poems 2018
The Interior West: A Fire Survey 2018
Interwoven: Andean Lives in Colonial Ecuador’s Textile Economy 2018
The Intimate Frontier: Friendship and Civil Society in Northern New Spain 2019
Intrepid Explorer: The Autobiography of the World's Best Mine Finder 2014
Isabella Greenway: An Enterprising Woman 2004
Jardinería desértica: Mes por mes 2001
Jesus and the Gang: Youth Violence and Christianity in Urban Honduras 2011
John Ringo: The Gunfighter Who Never Was 1987
Journeys in the Canyon Lands of Utah and Arizona, 1914-1916 2005
Just Between Us: An Ethnography of Male Identity and Intimacy in Rural Communities of Northern Mexico 2014
Kafka in a Skirt: Stories from the Wall 2019
The King of Lighting Fixtures: Stories 2017
Knowing the Day, Knowing the World: Engaging Amerindian Thought in Public Archaeology 2013
Knowledge in Motion: Constellations of Learning Across Time and Place 2016
La Raza Cosmética: Beauty, Identity, and Settler Colonialism in Postrevolutionary Mexico 2020
Ladies of the Canyons: A League of Extraordinary Women and Their Adventures in the American Southwest 2015
A Land Apart: The Southwest and the Nation in the Twentieth Century 2017
A Land Between Waters: Environmental Histories of Modern Mexico 2012
Land Grab: Green Neoliberalism, Gender, and Garifuna Resistance in Honduras 2013
Land, Liberty, and Water: Morelos After Zapata, 1920–1940 2018
Land Uprising: Native Story Power and the Insurgent Horizons of Latinx Indigeneity 2020
Landscape of the Spirits: Hohokam Rock Art at South Mountain Park 2002
Landscapes of Fraud: Mission Tumacácori, the Baca Float, and the Betrayal of the O’odham 2006
Landscapes of Freedom: Building a Postemancipation Society in the Rainforests of Western Colombia 2018
Landscapes of Social Transformation in the Salinas Province and the Eastern Pueblo World 2017
Language, Coffee, and Migration on an Andean-Amazonian Frontier 2020
Last Rampage: The Escape of Gary Tison 1988
The Last Tortilla: and Other Stories 1999
Last Water on the Devil's Highway: A Cultural and Natural History of Tinajas Altas 2012
Latin American Textualities: History, Materiality, and Digital Media 2018
Latinx Ciné in the Twenty-First Century 2019
Laura Méndez de Cuenca: Mexican Feminist, 1853–1928 2018
The Learned Ones: Nahua Intellectuals in Postconquest Mexico 2014
Learning the Possible: Mexican American Students Moving from the Margins of Life to New Ways of Being 2013
Leaving Mesa Verde: Peril and Change in the Thirteenth-Century Southwest 2010
Leaving Tulsa 2013
A Legacy of Change: Historic Human Impact on Vegetation in the Arizona Borderlands 1991
Lessons from a Quechua Strongwoman: Ideophony, Dialogue, and Perspective 2010
Life and Labor on the Border: Working People of Northeastern Sonora, Mexico, 1886–1986 OPEN ACCESS 1991
Life in the Hothouse: How a Living Planet Survives Climate Change 2010
The Life-Giving Stone: Ethnoarchaeology of Maya Metates 2011
Like a Brother: Grenville Goodwin’s Apache Years, 1928-1939 2004
Literature as History: Autobiography, Testimonio, and the Novel in the Chicano and Latino Experience 2016
The Lives of Stone Tools: Crafting the Status, Skill, and Identity of Flintknappers 2018
Living and Leaving: A Social History of Regional Depopulation in Thirteenth-Century Mesa Verde 2015
Living with the Dead in the Andes 2015
Living with the Dead: Mortuary Ritual in Mesoamerica 2011
Long Stories Cut Short: Fictions from the Borderlands 2017
Looking Like the Enemy: Japanese Mexicans, the Mexican State, and US Hegemony, 1897-1945 2014
Los Primeros Mexicanos: Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene People of Sonora 2016
Los Tucsonenses: The Mexican Community in Tucson, 1854–1941 1986
Maguey Journey: Discovering Textiles in Guatemala 2010
Ma?ana Means Heaven 2013
Mapping Indigenous Presence: North Scandinavian and North American Perspectives 2015
Mapping Wonderlands: Illustrated Cartography of Arizona, 1912–1962 2013
Marking Indigeneity: The Tongan Art of Sociospatial Relations 2017
Mars 1992
Mars: The Pristine Beauty of the Red Planet 2017
Massacre at Camp Grant: Forgetting and Remembering Apache History 2007
Massacre at the Yuma Crossing: Spanish Relations with the Quechans, 1779-1782 1998
Massacre on the Gila: An Account of the Last Major Battle Between American Indians, with Reflections on the Origin of War OPEN ACCESS 1986
Matrons and Maids: Regulating Indian Domestic Service in Tucson, 1914–1934 2012
Maya Ethnolinguistic Identity: Violence, Cultural Rights, and Modernity in Highland Guatemala 2010
Me and Mine: The Life Story of Helen Sekaquaptewa 1969
Medicine Trail: The Life and Lessons of Gladys Tantaquidgeon 2000
Meditación Fronteriza: Poems of Love, Life, and Labor 2019
Memories of Earth and Sea: An Ethnographic History of the Islands of Chiloé 2019
Mesoamerican Plazas: Arenas of Community and Power 2014
Mestizaje and Globalization: Transformations of Identity and Power 2014
Mexican Americans and Education: El saber es poder 2015
Mexican Americans and Health: ?Sana! ?Sana! 2015
Mexican Americans in a Dallas Barrio OPEN ACCESS 1978
Mexican Emigration to the United States, 1897–1931 OPEN ACCESS 1980
Mexican Melodrama: Film and Nation from the Golden Age to the New Wave 2016
Mexican Waves: Radio Broadcasting Along Mexico’s Northern Border, 1930–1950 2019
Mexican Workers and the Making of Arizona 2018
México Beyond 1968: Revolutionaries, Radicals, and Repression During the Global Sixties and Subversive Seventies 2018
Mexico in Verse: A History of Music, Rhyme, and Power 2015
Migrant Deaths in the Arizona Desert: La vida no vale nada 2016
Milk and Filth 2013
Mimbres Society 2006
Mineralogy of Arizona 1995
Minorities in Phoenix: A Profile of Mexican American, Chinese American, and African American Communities, 1860-1992 1994
Miracles on the Border: Retablos of Mexican Migrants to the United States 1995
Miranda: The Story of America’s Right to Remain Silent 2004
Mission of Sorrows: Jesuit Guevavi and the Pimas, 1691-1767 1970
Missionaries, Miners, and Indians: Spanish Contact with the Yaqui Nation of Northwestern New Spain, 1533–1820 OPEN ACCESS 1981
Mo: The Life and Times of Morris K. Udall 2001
Modern Mexican Culture: Critical Foundations 2017
Mogollon Culture in the Forestdale Valley, East-Central Arizona 1985
Moquis and Kastiilam: Hopis, Spaniards, and the Trauma of History, Volume I, 1540–1679 2015
Moquis and Kastiilam: Hopis, Spaniards, and the Trauma of History, Volume II, 1680–1781 2020
Moral Ecology of a Forest: The Nature Industry and Maya Post-Conservation 2016
More or Less Dead: Feminicide, Haunting, and the Ethics of Representation in Mexico 2015
More Than Two to Tango: Argentine Tango Immigrants in New York City 2013
The Motions Beneath: Indigenous Migrants on the Urban Frontier of New Spain 2018
The Mountains Next Door 1991
Multiple InJustices: Indigenous Women, Law, and Political Struggle in Latin America 2016
Mushrooms and Truffles of the Southwest 1990
Myths and Tales of the White Mountain Apache 1994
Naming the World: Language and Power Among the Northern Arapaho 2018
Narratives of Persistence: Indigenous Negotiations of Colonialism in Alta and Baja California 2020
Native American Language Ideologies: Beliefs, Practices, and Struggles in Indian Country 2009
Native American Performance and Representation 2009
Native and Spanish New Worlds: Sixteenth-Century Entradas in the American Southwest and Southeast 2013
Native Studies Keywords 2015
Natives Making Nation: Gender, Indigeneity, and the State in the Andes 2005
A Natural History of the Mojave Desert 2018
Natural Takeover of Small Things 2013
Nature and Antiquities: The Making of Archaeology in the Americas OPEN ACCESS 2014
Nature Inc.: Environmental Conservation in the Neoliberal Age OPEN ACCESS 2014
The Nature of Home: Taking Root in a Place 2007
The Nature of Spectacle: On Images, Money, and Conserving Capitalism 2017
Navajo Beadwork: Architectures of Light 2003
Navajo Sovereignty: Understandings and Visions of the Diné People 2017
Neandertal Lithic Industries at La Quina 2013
Negotiating Tribal Water Rights: Fulfilling Promises in the Arid West 2005
The Neighborhood as a Social and Spatial Unit in Mesoamerican Cities 2012
The Neolithic Revolution in the Near East: Transforming the Human Landscape 2007
Neptune and Triton 1995
A New American Family: A Love Story 2011
New Deal Art in Arizona 2009
A New Form of Beauty: Glen Canyon Beyond Climate Change 2016
New Perspectives on Mimbres Archaeology: Three Millennia of Human Occupation in the North American Southwest 2018
The New Politics of Protest: Indigenous Mobilization in Latin America's Neoliberal Era 2012
Nikkei in the Interior West: Japanese Immigration and Community Building, 1882–1945 2012
Nine Months Is a Year: At Baboquívari School 1968
No Communication with the Sea: Searching for an Urban Future in the Great Basin 2010
No Species Is an Island: Bats, Cacti, and Secrets of the Sonoran Desert 2017
Nobody Rich or Famous: A Family Memoir 2016
Nomads of a Desert City: Personal Stories from Citizens of the Street 2001
North American Borders in Comparative Perspective 2020
The Northeast: A Fire Survey 2019
The Northern Rockies: A Fire Survey 2016
Notebooks of a Chile Verde Smuggler 2002
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