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The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies is an independent research institution, dedicated to furthering scholarship in the social sciences and humanities, established in 2010 as an Arabic language academic organization based in Doha. The Center boasts a robust publishing record, having printed hundreds of academic titles and five peer reviewed journals. Through its active research efforts, the Center contributes towards the creation and maintenance of a robust network of Arab researchers committed to societal advancement, and to bridging the gap between Arab academic institutions and those across the globe.
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AlMuntaqa 2018 - 2020
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114 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
The 2014 Arab Opinion Index:: In Brief 2014
Algeria 2019:: From the Hirak Movement to Elections 2020
The al-Nusra Front:: From Formation to Dissension 2014
The “Arab Spring” in the Kingdoms 2012
The Army and Political Power in the Arab Context:: Theoretical Problems 2017
An Assessment of Iran’s New Parliament:: Conservatism Wins Back 2020
The Blockade on Qatar:: Prospects for Continuation or Resolution 2020
The Bush II Years In the Middle East (2000-2008):: Morals and Interests 2012
Can We Speak of a “Coptic Question” in Egypt? 2011
Change in Turkish Foreign Policy:: Reassessments and New Trends 2016
Civil Society in Morocco under the New 2011 Constitution:: Issues, Stakes and Challenges 2014
The Copts of Egypt:: State Discrimination and Exclusion 2011
The Covid-19 Pandemic in Iran:: Health and Policy Implications 2020
Critical Discussion of Study 2012
Cyber Attacks:: The Electronic Battlefield 2013
The Declaration of Self-Rule in South Yemen:: Background and Implications 2020
The Determinants of the Turkish Position towards the Syrian crisis:: The immediate dimensions and future repercussions 2011
Developing Language: and the Language of Development in the Arab World 2012
Diplomacy Facing the Revolution of “Transparent Society” and “Risk Society”: WikiLeaks: international and regional ramifications 2011
Discrepancies in Public and Private Sector Pay in Jordan, Qatar and the UAE: A Comparative Study of their Impact on the Labor Market in Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar 2012
Economic cooperation between Sudan and Qatar 2012
Economic Inequality and Economic Development:: Lessons and Implications of Global Experiences for the Arab World 2013
Erbil-Ankara Relations:: Paradoxes, Challenges and Harmonization 2015
The European Union’s position toward the Palestinian cause:: 1993-2009 2011
Explaining Military Responses to Revolutions 2013
Explaining Military Responses to Revolutions 2013
Factors Behind the Steep Decline in Crude Oil Prices 2015
Faith-based NGOs in Multi-Confessional Society:: Evidence from Lebanon 2012
Fertility in Iraq:: Trends, Evolution and Influential Factors 2012
The First Month of the Trump White House:: a Foreign Policy Disaster 2017
Flashpoint Ukraine:: The Pivot of Geography in Command of the West’s Eastern Gateway 2014
Forming Benkirane’s Second Government:: Mission Impossible? 2017
From Bullets to Ballots:: Transformations from Armed to Unarmed Political Activism 2020
The Future of U.S. Military Presence in Iraq 2020
Hamas:: Between Efforts to Politicize the Court and Demands of Justice 2015
The Impact of the Oil Crisis on Security and Foreign Policy in GCC Countries:: Case Studies of Qatar, KSA and UAE 2017
The Impasse of Political Transition in Algeria:: Three Generations and Two Scenarios 2012
Imperialism and the writing of the self in postcolonial criticism:: preliminary notes on the Moroccan self and imperial heritage 2017
The Implications of Covid-19 in the Gulf:: Challenges and Constraints 2020
Implications of Khalifa Haftar’s “Popular Mandate” to Rule Libya 2020
Insiders and Outsiders in the New Libya 2014
Internal Reform in Turkey 2011
The International Crisis and the International System: A study on the interplay between the management of international strategic crises and the structure of the international system 2012
ISIS, and the Fa?ade of Negative Cooperation 2014
Israel and the Fencing Policy:: A Barrier on Every Seam Line 2015
Israeli Interference in Sudan 2011
Jemli Fails to Secure a Vote of Confidence:: What Next for Tunisia? 2020
Jordanian Public Perceptions of the Syrian Crisis 2012
Kurdistan’s Struggle for Sovereignty:: State, Societal, and Human Security 2017
The Language Debate and the Constitution Amendment in Morocco 2012
Libya after the Fall of Al-Watiya 2020
Lila Abu-Lughod’s Contribution to the Feminist Debate in the Arab World 2014
Mahdism in contemporary Iran:: Ahmadinejad and the occult Imam 2011
Mexico and Brazil’s Approach Towards the GCC Countries:: An Assessment of Economic Diplomacy 2018
Modeling Inflation Dynamics in Sudan 2008-2013 2014
The Monetary Union of the Gulf Cooperation Council and Structural Changes in the Global Economy:: Aspirations, Challenges, and Long-term Strategic Benefits 2012
Morocco and the African Union:: A New Chapter for Western Sahara Resolution? 2017
Moscow Summit:: Will the Ceasefire Hold in Idlib? 2020
National Security during the Covid-19 Pandemic 2020
Negotiations between Somaliland and the Federal Government:: Prospects of Success or Failure 2020
The Netanyahu―Trump Meeting:: Settlement First 2017
New Challenges Ahead for the Fakhfakh Government 2020
The Occupation Project and the Democratic National State Project: Iraq, From Security to Political Management 2011
“On Extremism” 2015
On Justice in the Current Arab Context 2013
On the Intellectual and Revolution 2013
Operation Golden Arrow:: the Prospects for a Resolution to the Yemeni Conflict in 2017 2017
The Ottoman Tanzimat and the Constitution 2013
The Overeducation Crisis in Iran 2020
Palestinian Public Opinion:: Attitudes towards Peace Negotiations and National Reconciliation 2014
Palestinians in Lebanon:: A Racialized Minority or One of Many “Others”? 2014
The past decade in Syria:: the dialectic of stagnation and reform (Part 1 of 5) 2011
The Political Aspects of the Tribal Phenomenon in Arab Societies:: A Sociological Approach to the Tunisian and Libyan Revolutions 2012
The Political Regime in Iraq: Between Reform and Legitimacy: An Analytic Perpesctive on the 2011 Protests 2012
The positions of the Syrian opposition 2012
Prescription for Power-Sharing in Contested Kirkuk 2015
The Process of National Security Decision-Making in Israel and the Influence of the Military Establishment 2011
Punching Above Weights:: Combat Effectiveness of Armed Nonstate Actors in the Arab World and Beyond 2020
Religiosity among the youth:: a phenomenon independent of the ideological establishment 2011
Repercussions of the Arab Spring on GCC States 2012
Re-reading the Myth of Fayyadism:: A Critical Analysis of the Palestinian Authority’s Reform and State-building Agenda, 2008-2011 2012
Revolution against Revolution, the Street against the People, and Counter-Revolution 2013
The Rise of the Right and the Adoption of the Clash of Civilizations:: When Democracy Spawns the Antithesis of Liberalism 2016
The Role of Religion in the Public Domain in Egypt After the January 25 Revolution 2012
The Role of the GCC Countries in Ending Piracy in the Horn of Africa 2016
The Roots of Realism and Idealism:: US Engagement with the Middle East, 1918-1939 2015
Russia and the Arab Spring:: Changing Narratives and Implications for Regional Policies 2015
Russian Intervention in Syria:: Geostrategy is Paramount 2015
Saudi—US Discord in a Changing Middle East 2015
Secret Negotiations between Israel and Lebanon’s Prime Minister Riad al-Sulh 2011
Shale Oil:: On the Cusp of an Energy Revolution? 2013
The Shale Technology Revolution and the Implications for the GCC 2015
Sudanese Public Opinion after Secession 2011
Syria and Turkey:: a turning point or a historical bet? 2012
Tariqa Islam:: Layers of Authentication 2013
Tracing Qatar’s Foreign Policy Trajectory and its Impact on Regional Security 2015
Transformation of the Arab Gulf Economies into Knowledge Economies:: Motivational Issues Related to the Tertiary Educational Sector 2015
Trends in Yemeni Public Opinion:: Attitudes toward the National Dialogue Conference Document and the Second Transitional Period 2014
The Tribe and Democracy:: The Case of Monarchist Iraq (1921-1958) 2011
The Trump White House Reacts to Chemical Weapons Use in Syria 2017
Truth, power and the rehabilitation of the facts 2011
Tunisia:: Revolution of the citizenry ... a revolution without a head 2011
Turkey’s Growing Role in Libya:: Motives, Background and Responses 2020
Understanding Donald Trump’s Victory:: Some Methodological and Semiotic Considerations 2017
U.S. Foreign Policy Towards the Middle East:: Pumping Air into a Punctured Tire 2019
US Goals and Strategies toward the Arab World 2013
US Iran Tensions at Boiling Point:: How will Iran Respond to the Assassination of Qassem Soleimani? 2020
US Protests against Police Brutality:: Election Disaster for Trump? 2020
The Welfare State in Egypt, 1995-2005:: A Comparative Approach 2014
What defines Terrorism?: The Identity of the Victim or that of the Victimizer? 2017
What defines Terrorism?: The Identity of the Victim or that of the Victimizer? 2017
What is Causing Radicalism in the MENA? 2017
Will the Defeat of Haftar in the West of Libya Lead to Reviving the Political Process? 2020
Women’s Right to Inheritance in Jordanian Law:: Requirements and Prospects of Change 2017