Association Fran?aise du Marketing

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The French Marketing Association (AFM), created since 1984, promotes an academic research and education in marketing of the highest international standards. It gathers about 600? individual and institutional members, mostly academics, researchers, consultants and marketing practitioners in companies or other types of organizations. Members mostly come from French speaking countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada) but also from all around the world. The French Marketing Association organizes an annual international conference with more than 300 participants. It also organizes events, workshops, thematic conferences and doctoral colloquiums. It publishes two academic journals, Recherche et Applications en Marketing (RAM) and Decisions Marketing (DM), both presented in the JSTOR, EBSCO and PROQUEST databases.
Journals in JSTOR from Association Fran?aise du Marketing
2 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
Décisions Marketing 1993 - 2016
Recherche et Applications en Marketing 1986 - 2016