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Research Reports in JSTOR from Africa Center for Strategic Studies
47 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
Addressing C?te d’Ivoire’s Deeper Crisis 2012
Advancing Military Professionalism in Africa 2014
Advancing Stability and Reconciliation in Guinea-Bissau:: Lessons from Africa’s First Narco-State 2013
Africa and the Arab Spring:: A New Era of Democratic Expectations 2011
Africa’s Evolving Infosystems:: A Pathway to Security and Stability 2011
Africa’s Fragile States:: Empowering Extremists, Exporting Terrorism 2010
Africa’s Information Revolution:: Implications for Crime, Policing, and Citizen Security 2013
Africa’s Militaries:: A Missing Link in Democratic Transitions 2012
Alternative Dispute Resolution in Africa:: Preventing Conflict and Enhancing Stability 2011
The Anatomy of the Resource Curse:: Predatory Investment in Africa’s Extractive Industries 2015
Assessing Attitudes of the Next Generation of African Security Sector Professionals 2019
Boko Haram’s Evolving Threat 2012
Building Africa’s Airlift Capacity:: A Strategy for Enhancing Military Effectiveness 2012
Cocaine and Instability in Africa:: Lessons from Latin America and the Caribbean 2010
Combating Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea 2015
Creating Sustainable Peacekeeping Capability in Africa 2014
Criminality in Africa’s Fishing Industry:: A Threat to Human Security 2017
Democracy and the Chain of Command:: A New Governance of Africa’s Security Sector 2010
Enhancing Civilian Protection in Peace Operations:: Insights from Africa 2010
Envisioning a Stable South Sudan 2018
Fragility and State-Society Relations in South Sudan 2013
From Urban Fragility to Urban Stability 2018
Geostrategic Dimensions of Libya’s Civil War 2020
Governance, Accountability, and Security in Nigeria 2016
Investing in Science and Technology to Meet Africa’s Maritime Security Challenges 2011
Islamic Militancy in Africa 2012
Islamist Extremism in East Africa 2016
The Lessons and Limits of DDR in Africa 2013
Lessons from Burundi’s Security Sector Reform Process 2014
Lessons Learned from Peace Operations in Africa 2010
The Maghreb’s Fragile Edges 2018
Mitigating Radicalism in Northern Nigeria 2013
Navies versus Coast Guards:: Defining the Roles of African Maritime Security Forces 2009
Nigeria’s Pernicious Drivers of Ethno-Religious Conflict 2011
Nonstate Policing:: Expanding the Scope for Tackling Africa’s Urban Violence 2010
Optimizing Africa’s Security Force Structures 2011
Peace Operations in Africa:: Lessons Learned Since 2000 2013
Playing Ostrich:: Lessons Learned from South Africa’s Response to Terrorism 2011
Regional Security Cooperation in the Maghreb and Sahel:: Algeria’s Pivotal Ambivalence 2012
Responding to the Rise in Violent Extremism in the Sahel 2019
Shifting Borders:: Africa’s Displacement Crisis and Its Security Implications 2019
Sifting Through the Layers of Insecurity in the Sahel:: The Case of Mauritania 2011
Stress-Testing South Africa:: The Tenuous Foundations of One of Africa’s Stable States 2011
Unfinished Business:: A Framework for Peace in the Great Lakes 2012
Urban Fragility and Security in Africa 2011
U.S. Security Engagement in Africa 2009
West Africa’s Growing Terrorist Threat:: Confronting AQIM’s Sahelian Strategy 2011